BioShock: Planned Netflix adaptation finds director and screenwriter

BioShock: Planned Netflix adaptation finds director and screenwriter

Yes, such a development hell is not nice and affects not only games, but also game adaptations. An adaptation to BioShock has been in the planning for 14 years and is now moving forward.

This is currently in the works for Netflix. And as the streaming service has now announced in a new tweet, with Francis Lawrence and Michel Green, well-known directors and screenwriters could now be hired.

BioShock movie comes from Panem maker

Both Lawrence and Green bring impressive credits to the project: the former has directed Constantine with Keanu Reeves and I am Legend with Will Smith, among others, and left his mark on a multi-billion dollar film franchise with three out of four Hunger Games parts. Green, on the other hand, wrote scripts for the Marvel film adaptation of Logan, Blade Runner 2049 and the American Gods series, among others.

There is still no information on the specific content or publication, and the project is still in a much too early development phase for that. Always the Big Daddies are repeatedly part of the communication, so this could well show up along with an underwater setting.

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