Dark Souls 3: After many months – PC servers back online

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Due to a security vulnerability, the servers of the Dark Souls series were temporarily shut down in January of this year. So far, the developers have only given sporadic updates about the server situation. For example, the servers were definitely supposed to stay offline until the release of From Software’s latest game Elden Ring, and a few months ago we got another update on their progress. As we now know, fixing the problem wasn’t that easy, because it was only after about eight months that the developers announced on Twitter that at least the Dark Souls 3 servers are available again.

Dark Souls servers back online!

Many players are still enjoying PvP in the Souls series years after it was first released. So, after all this time, Dark Souls 3 players can finally swing their swords again and prove their skills in battle against other players. However, those who prefer one of the older titles will have to wait a little longer, like From Software explained on Twitter:

“Online features have been reactivated for the PC version of Dark Souls 3. We are working to restore these features for all other Dark Souls titles and will let you know when they are available again. Thank you again for your patience and Support.”