Edge of Sanity: Lovecraftian survival horror game announced

Edge of Sanity: Lovecraftian survival horror game announced

The Lovecraftian survival horror game Edge of Sanity will be released in 2023 with unique 2D graphics for consoles and PC via Steam.

Edge of Sanity is a survival horror adventure with unique 2D graphics and intense atmosphere inspired by HP Lovecraft and set in the unforgiving wilderness of Cold War-era Alaska. Every day you must gather food and supplies to survive another night in your camp.

During the story-rich expeditions, you will encounter local cultists and monsters hiding in the dark corners of a remote mountain valley. Use everything you find to stand a chance against powerful enemies, unravel the mysteries of the mysterious Thurul Stone, and uncover a tragic tale of missing scientists.

Lovecraft meets Cold War-era Alaska

Follow the trail of local cults, confront horrific monsters and explore the inexplicable. Welcome to Cold War-era Alaska, filled with mind-bending people and HP Lovecraft-inspired beasts, a place where every dramatic event leaves a lasting impression on your brain.

Complex base management

Even in the most hostile environment, you need a place to rest and plan your future expeditions. Find and distribute the remaining survivors and send them on missions to find food, water or other survivors. But always be on your guard – when people are on the fringes, anything can happen.

Storytelling Expeditions

You were part of a supply group helping scientists work in the field lab. With no sign of people around, you stumble upon the monsters and your group splits up as you try to escape. You are lucky enough to get out alive and set up a makeshift camp to plan your future expeditions and find out what happened.

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fight for your life

Learn your enemy’s weaknesses, impair their senses, manage resources, and use crafting skills and the environment to survive against the powerful monstrosities. If you have no other choice, you can try to fight with your axe, but be prepared for a deadly end.

Edge of Sanity will be released in 2023 for consoles and PC via Steam.

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