GC22: Bulwark – Falconeer Chronicles Announced – News

Image by Maverick

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Aug 26, 2022 – 9:45 p.m — last updated 4 hours ago

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That from developer Tomas Sala brought to life the Falconeer universe that featured the flight combat action title The Falconer debuted, gets a completely new genre offshoot. In the Future Games Show during the gamescom 2022 became Bulwark-Falconeer Chronicles is presented, a building title set in the landscape of the Great Ursee, in which you will build your cities up the jagged rocks and cliffs.

The Reveal trailer integrated directly below the news gives you a first glimpse of the upcoming construction title during the approximately one-minute runtime. You can also find more impressions in our screenshot gallery.

Bulwark – Falconeer Chronicles is scheduled for release on PC in 2023, published by Wired Productions.


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