High on Life: Rick and Morty creators are building ‘special’ first-person shooters

High on Life: Rick and Morty creators are building 'special' first-person shooters

Some of you will probably have noticed already, but Justin Roilandthe creator of “Rick and Morty”, is currently working on a special kind of sci-fi shooter.

In High on Life from Squanch Games humanity faces an alien invasion. That alien cartel loves getting high. And through people. What else?

And of course we can’t just accept that, which is why our protagonist as bounty hunter roams and takes out the human consuming aliens.

What is special about High on Life?

That sounds a bit wacky and it is. The game probably wouldn’t be much worth mentioning if the Rick and Morty creator didn’t come up with a few extravagant idea would have.

And so in “High on Life” we will, among other things talking weapons confronted, who comment on everything that is happening.

And yes, you heard right. Our guns can talk to us, and what they say lets badass Rick and Morty humor shine through.

What is particularly funny is that the Guns really fun expect to be used. That’s how it can be knife can’t wait to be pushed into an alien again. Literally.

Now New: Check out the second trailer of High on Life here, which features a boss fight. And if you close your eyes and listen carefully, you might find a funny little thing about them voices of weapons on.

In the High on Life boss fight trailer, we see the boss 9 gatewhich we will encounter in the game.

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The game’s release date is already set in stone. “High on Life” will be released on December 13, 2022 for the PC and the Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

And guess what will be part of Xbox Game Pass that day? Exactly. “High on Life” is out from first day with Game Pass available. But what do you think of the idea? Is that too much of a good thing or just your sense of humor?


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