iPhone 14 Pro: Leaked images show camera cutout & status bar


Shortly after Apple’s official confirmation of the Apple event on September 7th, the first images of the iPhone 14 Pro have now appeared. The leaked photos show the round cut-out for the selfie camera and the pill-shaped cut-out for the sensors. Another screen shows the status bar icons.

The photos come from Twitter user DuanRui, known for leaking images of unreleased Apple products. He is considered a reputable source, his information has always been confirmed. The pictures show the selfie camera and sensors in close-up. The rumors about the pill-shaped and the round cut-out, which are supposed to replace the notch on the iPhone 14 Pro models, are hereby confirmed.

Apple adapts the status bar to the new design

As Macrumors reported, in addition to the photos of the display cutouts, other images have leaked. Twitter user ShrimpApplePro shared screenshots showing the iPhone 14 Pro Max status bar. Twitter has since removed the images.

full screen

The status symbols on the iPhone 14 Pro Max are slightly larger than on the predecessor.

Image: © ShrimpApplePro 2022

Apparently, the icons in the status bar on the iPhone 14 Pro models are a bit larger than on their predecessors. For comparison, the leaker superimposed screenshots from an iPhone 13 Pro Max and an iPhone 14 Pro Max. The symbols of the iPhone 14 Pro Max are slightly larger. In addition, the entire status bar has apparently been moved a little further down to the right. The changed size and positioning are likely to be adjustments to the new design of the selfie camera.



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