Jensen Huang on Nvidia GPUs: Average price should approach gaming consoles

Jensen Huang on Nvidia GPUs: Average price should approach gaming consoles

from Oliver Jaeger
During the earnings call, Jensen Huang explained that Nvidia has always believed that the average graphics card prices of Geforce GPUs should approach those of gaming consoles because Geforce is like a gaming console in a PC.

Graphics card prices have always been a hot topic in the computer hardware world. CEO Jensen Huang recently explained what the average GPU prices should look like on Nvidia’s website during the announcement of the quarterly figures. The Nvidia boss speaks of “Geforce” graphics cards as an overall construct and notes that the company has always believed that the average Geforce price should approach the average console price. According to Jensen Huang, this is currently around 600 US dollars.

Geforce as a console in the PC – price dynamics after crypto abstinence

The $600 price point means gaming consoles are more useful than ever. Because a console should be used for the best form of entertainment and for a very long time. The Nvidia CEO adds that Geforce acts like a game console in the PC. Therefore, the average price should approach that of the consoles. Accordingly, Jensen Huang calls 500 US dollars for the intended average price. Geforce is not only there for gaming, but should also offer a creative workstation for users. So the trend observed at Nvidia is that there are some factors driving up the average Geforce price.

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Jensen Huang was also asked during the earnings release as to whether the average selling price across the entire Geforce GPU stack would remain stable, as it has been in previous years, or whether it would decrease as crypto dynamics are not dominant at the moment . Jensen Huang countered this question by saying that he thinks prices would go down without the crypto momentum.

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However, the general long-term trend is that the average selling price is rising again. Interestingly, for example, the price of the PS5 is being raised in this country. Accordingly, according to Nvidia’s understanding, this should also have an impact on the prices of the Geforce GPUs.

Source: Nvidia