LastPass: Data theft confirmed – No passwords affected

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One of the most popular password managers, LastPass, has had its servers compromised. The attackers are said to have primarily obtained technical information.


The password manager LastPass is struggling with a data theft.
The password manager LastPass is struggling with a data theft.
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LastPass is considered one of the most popular password managers and generators available both as an app for iOS and Android and as a browser add-on for Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. According to the technology site, the company was able to attract more than 25 million users last year.TheRegister” record.

These have now been combined into one Blog post by LastPass informed about a data leak: According to CEO Karim Toubba, unusual activities in the password manager’s development environment were discovered two weeks ago. After measures were taken to contain the potential damage, an internal review of the incident was launched.

The result: The attackers are said to have succeeded in stealing parts of the LastPass source code and proprietary technical documentation via a compromised developer account. However, according to Toubba, users’ master passwords or their personal data should be secure.

Accordingly, LastPass customers do not need to take any further steps for the time being. All LastPass products and services should remain functional for end customers as before. As the company goes on to say, the internal investigation is still in full swing – further information on how the data leak could have happened is to follow.

Even if such data thefts can occur, it is generally recommended to download a password manager such as LastPass: With the software, users enable secure handling of login data by using a master password in combination with randomly generated and strong passwords for all websites. In our 2022 password manager review, we show you the best software for this purpose.

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