Moonbreaker: Digital Tabletop from Subnautica Studio combines both worlds

Moonbreaker: Digital Tabletop from Subnautica Studio combines both worlds

If you are looking for another adventure in the style of subnautica had hoped, the people in charge must help you Unknown Worlds unfortunately disappoint. The next game is pretty much the opposite, or rather, it’s anything but an underwater survival game. It’s a turn-based and tactical tabletop strategy game – just in digital video game form.

But no worry. The studio is already planning a Subnautica sequel. Here you can find out more about it. Check out the Moonbreaker reveal trailer here.

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What is Moonbreaker?

In “Moonbreaker” we will be in a Sci-Fi Universe kidnapped by Brandon Sanderson was created. The game follows an exciting approach, because real tabletop fans work at Unknown Worlds.

when her up Board games, miniatures and card games stands, you are in the right place here.

The basic idea behind “Moonbreaker” is physical board game elements like small miniature figures from the tabletop segment digital environment to throw. The result overcomes the hurdles and limitations of the physical world that can occur in miniature play.

At least that’s the studio’s idea, and in practice there are countless characters that you can use to create your Tactics on the battlefield can implement.

Among other things, this is special Customization of the tabletop figures. Where we paint our miniatures in real life, we have access to countless tools to put the same thing into practice. In the course of the development process should always new tools available to further customize our units.

The good thing is that you spend so much money on it Paint brushes, airbrush guns and model building kits can save. It’s just stupid that the manual aspect of miniature painting is digitized. So if you enjoy painting your figures, you will unfortunately have to be satisfied with the digital alternative.

As such, the game has a fundamentally similar art style to Subnautica, but that setting is completely different. There’s PvP, PvE, and a single-player roguelike mode, by the way.

What do you think of the idea of ​​digitizing tabletop gaming? Is too much of the fun lost in the process, or are you checking out the game? Feel free to write it in the comments and discuss with us!

Moonbreaker starts on September 29, 2022 into Early Access on Steam. And before that there should even be a playtest.

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