One Piece Manga Chapter 1058: The Foundation of the Cross Guild, True Leaders Revealed

spoiler alert

In the manga too one piece it’s just going fast. Hardly found the Wa no Kuni Arcone of the longest story arcs in Eiichiro Oda’s work, to an end, the next adventure of the Straw Hat Pirates is already waiting in the wings. And follow with him lots of revelations and news.

This is what the recently released manga chapter 1058 reveals to us the new Straw Hat bountiesthe background story of the Cross Guildin the Chapter 1056 was first mentioned, and we finally learned how it can be that two dangerous pirates like Crocodile and Mihawk work with Buggy.

As it is in the nature of such news, follow now massive spoilers to the latest chapter of one piece. If you haven’t gotten that far yet or you’re just watching the anime, which lags behind the manga by a few chapters, you should at this point read on at your own risk.

One Piece: The True Leaders of the Cross Guild

Manga Chapter 1058 only briefly deals with the bounties of the pirate gang around Monkey D Luffy and the hierarchy on his ship, before the plot finally revolves entirely around the Cross Guild. We see Sir Crocodile and Mihawk sitting together on a sofa, den severed head of buggy holding between them both.

Naturally, such a state is for Buggy, the owner of the parting-separating fruit Bara Bara no Minot fatal, his demolished face and his numerous apologies to the two former Samurai of the Seas but quickly reveal that he is in a very precarious position and who really is the power in the guild holds.

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His entire crew gave up on him straight away, choosing to follow Sir Crocodile, the one of Mr. 1 aka Jazz Boner is accompanied. Buggy’s former ally Galdino (Mr. 3) even goes so far as to loudly advocate the return of his former boss and the 100 coin clown teasing that he never officially joined his gang.

One Piece: The Foundation of the Guild of the Cross

Finally, in a flashback, we see how and why the Cross Guild was formed in One Piece in the first place. Sir Crocodile got in touch with Mihawk after the government sent the samurai of the sea declared outlaws Has. He offered the Swordmaster to join their forces to be safe from the Navy.

He reveals that Mihawk was once a naval fighter was known and accordingly feared. How and why the best swordsman in the world is not known, but Zorro’s teacher later in the same chapter lets it be known that he just live a peaceful life want.

One Piece, Manga Chapter 1058, Cross Guild (Mihawk, Buggy, Crocodile)
© Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha

Around the money for his new guild to track down, Crocodile finally found Buggy, who was surrounded by the marines and about to flee. As it turns out, Buggy has Borrowed tons of money from Crocodile and is now unable to repay this. But he has an alternative suggestion.

as Ally and part of the new guild he could put his men at Crocodile’s disposal and look around the PR work To take care of. A proposal that is actually accepted, but at one disastrous result cares. Because the clown’s underlings are so infatuated with their leader that they always have to show him off.

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And so it happened that Buggy was on the Cross Guild poster in oversized dimensions was photographed and used all over the world for the leader of the guild held. Which Crocodile and Mihawk understandably don’t find all that appealing. Ultimately, however, the Swordmaster admits that this could be used to his advantage.

One Piece: The Bounties of the Guild of the Cross

With Buggy as straw doll if Mihawk and Crocodile were not the direct target of the Navy and could conduct their business a little more undisturbed. Therefore, they agree on the clown as figurehead to abuse and then just drop him when he is no longer of any use to her.

Also in manga chapter 1058 we learn how high the new bounties for Mihawk and Crocodile become after they regain pirate status. These bounties are based on the danger they pose and the circumstances under which they formed the Cross Guild.

So Sir Crocodile receives a bounty of juicy 1,965,000,000 berriesas a reason is his mighty devil fruit, the Logia fruit Suna Suna no Mi (Sand Fruit) listed and his sneaky character.

The former Naval Hunter Mihawk Dulacre however, have even greater skill with the sword than the Emperor Redhead Shankswhich is why he got a bounty from 3,590,000,000 berries awards, which upsets him in matters of danger the level of an Emperor of the Seas lifts.

And Buggy, who was mistakenly assumed to be the leader of the Guild of Crosses, and thus has such powerful people under his command, has a bounty of 3,189,000,000 berries got and was recognized as emperor.

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