Pokémon GO brings you 4 cool Ultra Beasts to the GO Fest Finale – which one is the strongest?

Pokémon GO brings you 4 cool Ultra Beasts to the GO Fest Finale – which one is the strongest?

For the big GO Fest finale, you can finally meet all four Ultra Beasts in Pokémon GO. But which of them is the strongest? We at MeinMMO took a look and show you which of these special monsters you should definitely get.

Which event is it about? This year, the developers have come up with something special for the Pokémon GO Fest. In contrast to previous years, in which the event ran over a weekend, Niantic 2022 also organized 3 live events in addition to a huge global GO Fest weekend, where you could meet so-called ultra beasts for the first time.

Now the event should come to an end with a grand finale. So you can look forward to numerous spawns and bonuses on Saturday, August 27, 2022. And the Ultra Beasts will be part of it again.

When is the GO Fest Finale? The Closing Event will take place on August 27, 2022 from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. local time.

These are the four Ultra Beasts for the GO Fest Finale

What are Ultra Beasts? These are mysterious Pokémon that come from the so-called ultra dimension. With the help of Ultragates, something like portals that open in the sky, they can enter the world of Pokémon GO.

At the global GO Fest in June, you had the opportunity to encounter Anego in the raids for the first time. At the live events, Schabelle, Masskito and Voltriant followed exclusively for ticket holders. As part of the final event, all trainers will have another chance to secure these mysterious monsters.

But how strong are the Ultra Beasts anyway? And which of the monsters shouldn’t you miss? We will briefly introduce you to the individual ultra beasts below and then show you which ones you should get.

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What is this Pokemon? Schabelle is a Generation 7 Ultra Beast that belongs to the Bug and Fighting types. The monster has no advance or further development. You can recognize Schabelle by a delicate, beetle-like, white body and their long feelers.

how strong is it The Ultra Beast can score with an enormous attack value, but it is a bit weaker in endurance and defense. It can access the following values ​​there:

  • Attack: 316
  • Defense: 85
  • Endurance: 174

With Beetle Bite, Schabelle can particularly benefit from a quick instant attack. In combination with Beetle Hum, it also has a Charged Attack that does a lot of damage to the opponent. This makes the Ultra Beast one of the best bug attackers in the game.

It’s also a good choice as a combat attacker with a foot kick and focus kick moveset, although there are some attackers here that are a little better. In the GO Battle League, on the other hand, Schabelle does not play a special role.


What is this Pokemon? Masskito is also a Bug and Fighting-type Ultra Beast from the 7th generation of games. Just like Schabelle, it has no advance or further developments. You can recognize the monster by its red and black, muscular body.

how strong is it Unlike Shabelle, Masskito has a significantly lower attack stat, but it’s still pretty strong compared to other Pokémon. In return, his stamina and defense values ​​are better:

  • Attack: 236
  • Defense: 197
  • Endurance: 216

With its move set of counterattack and powerhouse, it can especially benefit from a strong instant attack and does a lot of damage to the opponent. Also, with higher Defense and Stamina stats, it will stay by your side longer in battle, making Masskito a better combat attacker in the game than Schabelle.

In the case of the beetle attackers, however, it cannot assert itself against its competition. On the other hand, Masskito is at the forefront of the GO battle league. Thus, in the PvPoke ranking, it secured 38th place in the Super League, 20th place in the Master League and even 9th place in the Hyper League. It is best to use a move set consisting of counter, powerhouse and attack.

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What is this Pokemon? The Ultra Beast Voltriant also comes from the 7th generation of games and is an Electric Pokémon. Its body is black and is decorated with some kind of bright lightbulbs at regular intervals. And it also has a bright star as a head, which is why Voltriant is visually reminiscent of a chain of lights.

how strong is it Just like Schabelle, Voltriant has a massive attack stat, and its stamina and defense stats are also solid:

  • Attack: 330
  • Defense: 144
  • Endurance: 195

In battle, you should rely on an attack combination of Thunder Shock and Charge Blast. With Thunder Shock it has a relatively fast instant attack and Charge Burst is also charged quickly. Thus, Voltriant joins the list of the best electric attackers in Pokémon GO. For the GO Battle League, however, Voltriant is less interesting.


What is this Pokemon? The Rock and Poison Pokémon Anego is also an Ultra Beast from the 7th generation of games. Its white body makes it look like some kind of jellyfish. However, the monster does not have any advance or further developments.

how strong is it Anego is particularly convincing with strong attack, endurance and defense values, which are significantly better than those of the top poison attacker Roserade:

  • Attack: 249
  • Defense: 210
  • Endurance: 240

In addition, Anego can also score well with a move set of acid and mud bomb. With this attack combination, the Ultra Beast does a lot of damage to the opponent, which is why it is one of the best poison attackers in the game.

As a rock Pokémon, however, it cannot assert itself against its competition, which is why you should rather rely on a different monster for this. And Anego doesn’t play a big role in the GO Battle League either.

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Which of the Ultra Beasts is the strongest? Our conclusion

You should note that: If you look purely at the attack values ​​of each Ultra Beast, Voltriant is at the top, followed by Schabelle. However, it also depends on the use of the individual monsters.

For this reason, the question of which ultra beast is the strongest cannot be answered so generally, which is why we have summarized our recommendations for use in the GO Battle League and in raids below.

Use in PvP battles: If you want to use one of the Ultra Beasts for the GO Battle League, you should definitely rely on Masskito. The Pokémon is far ahead in all leagues there and can strengthen your team accordingly.

Use in raids: Trainers who are looking for a strong candidate for the raids, on the other hand, should look out for Anego and Voltriant in particular. Voltriant benefits above all from a fast attack combination, which makes him a top electric attacker for your team.

Anego, on the other hand, does a lot of damage with his moveset and thus ranks among the best poison attackers. In addition, both can convince with strong values.

What about Schabelle? The Ultra Beast Schabelle is an option, especially for use as a strong bug Pokémon in the raids. Due to its weak Stamina and Defense stats, however, it won’t last that long in combat.

Which of the Ultra Beasts do you want to use in your teams in the future? Will you try to get everyone in the raid? Or are you just targeting a specific one? Feel free to write us your opinion here on MeinMMO in the comments and exchange ideas with other trainers.

Right before the start of the final event, you can secure 36 items from the next Prime Gaming gift. We’ll show you what items these are.