Poll: Will you buy a PS5 at the increased prices?

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Sony recently announced through official channels that the suggested retail price of the PS5 in Germany and other countries increased by 50 euros each time. Thus, the PS5 with drive in Europe will cost 549 euros in future (previously 499 euros) and the PS5 Digital Edition 449 euros (previously 399 euros). So far it is not known which markets in Germany will achieve this increase first.

According to Sony, the reason for the increase in price is, among other things, the high global inflation rates such as unfavorable currency trends. But the significantly increased energy costs also play a role in the decision of the Japanese company.

Players are angry

The reasons listed are quite understandable points. Nevertheless, the anger of the players, especially in the social networks, is great. Finally, the availability of the console since the November 2020 release is still poor. Although the PlayStation 5 can be purchased from various retailers from time to time, the window of opportunity is usually quite small.

In addition, in most cases the console is only sold in bundles with games or accessories in order to make resale via scalpers as unattractive as possible.

The increase in the RRP comes across as a bad joke, which many find anything but funny.

Poll: Do you buy a PS at these prices?

In view of the inflation and the resulting higher prices for groceries and the like, hardware products are no longer at the top of many people’s shopping lists.

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That’s why we want know about you in our surveywhether you will buy the PS5 at the increased price in the near future or wait and see?

Feel free to write us in the comments below these lines or take part in our survey.

Where can I even buy a PS5?

The PS5 is still pretty hard to come by these days. But especially with large retailers such as Amazon, MediaMarkt, Saturn and Otto, the chances are quite good several times a month if you are quick. In most cases, however, you will have to use a PS5 bundle in which games or accessories are sold together with the console.

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