Scurrows shoots violently at CakeTV – “Frauenschläger”

The streamer Scurrows and the YouTuber Cake TV next to the Instagram logo.

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Of: Niels Olesen

Cake TV and Scurrows have often faced severe criticism. A heated argument has now broken out between the two on Instagram.

Madeira – Theo Bottländer, better known on Twitch as Scurrows, has been criticized several times lately. Mainly because of his casino streams, which he previously condemned himself. Tim Heldt, known on YouTube as Cake TV, was also criticized after his girlfriend separated. He was suspected of hitting his ex-girlfriend, but the court case was dropped. Now the two influencers have quarreled on Instagram.

Full name Tim Heldt & Theo Bottlaender
Known as CakeTV & Scurrows
birthday April 19, 1995 & February 08 (year unknown)
Place of birth Salzgitter & Siegen
Subscribers on YouTube 1.1 million (as of July 2022) & 208,000 (as of August 2022)
Followers on Twitch 317,000 (as of July 2022) & 188,000 (as of August 2022)

Casino streamer Scurrows attacks Cake TV – dispute escalates

This dispute broke out: The influencers Scurrows and Cake TV, both of which have already been criticized, have now got into a beef on Instagram. In the Instagram stories of the influencers, there was a violent exchange of blows and mutual accusations.

This was the trigger: The YouTuber CakeTV has criticized the TikToker kodi_98 after a TikTok video. In the video, the TikToker made a joke about CakeTV. The joke was related to allegations that the YouTuber hit his ex-girlfriend. He accused Kodi of making fun of domestic violence. The streamer Scurrows then said that the cake TV only twisted the content of the TikTok.

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Scurrows is now accusing CakeTV of this: The streamer Scurrows then said in an Instagram story that Cake TV only misinterprets the content of the TikTok for its own benefit and ignores the context. To back up his statement, Scurrows wrote: “As you know, Cake TV has always struggled with context anyway.”

Scurrows and Cake TV in a battle of words: “By far the most disgusting person I know”

This is how Cake TV reacts to the allegations: Instead of addressing Scurrows’ allegations, Cake TV brought up an old topic. YouTuber Danny has been convicted of double rape. Scurrows then posted a tweet that caused a stir. He was accused of exploiting the rape scandal. In relation to this, CakeTV wrote ironically: “From now on I will use Danny’s acts of rape to show people that casino is not that bad after all”. Cake TV also released a private chat history with Scurrows and complained that he was accusing him of violent crimes without any evidence. He also insulted the casino streamer: “Scurrows really is by far the most disgusting person I know”.

How did the argument end? Scurrows didn’t exactly respond to the accusations from CakeTV very meaningfully. He just meant that in one Video by YouTuber ABK Evidence of the acts of violence has been presented. There was already a court case on the subject, which was discontinued. Theo “Scurrows” Bottländer continued to accuse Cake TV of saying that all victims of domestic violence who have been dismissed from court are liars. After that he did not go any further on KuchenTV.

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Scurrows: streamer with harsh accusations to Cake TV

Scurrows describes CakeTV as a woman beater: Scurrows ended the Instagram Story series with serious allegations against Cake TV. Although the court case was dropped, he addressed these words to the YouTuber:

You’re a woman beater.

Scurrows shoots at Cake TV: “You’re a woman beater” © Facebook: Scurrows / YouTube: Cake TV / Instagram (Montage)

The opinion YouTuber Cake TV repeatedly criticizes other influencers due to misconduct. He himself has often been criticized. After separating from his ex-girlfriend, the YouTuber also received criticism. But that’s a minor problem now, becausekuchenTV fears for their son after the youth welfare office intervened.