Streamer has live sex, Twitch bans

Twitch - Kimmikka

Apparently there are now hardly any things that cannot be seen in front of the running camera within a live stream Twitter happened. We’ve already reported on some embarrassing, dangerous or funny actions by streamers.

Whether someone from a Special Task Force was surprisedinadvertently fired a loaded gun or caused a firethe camera was always running and viewers could follow everything live.

A similar topic of conversation is now the Twitch streamer, which was recently banned from the platform. The reason for this? The young woman had sex during the live stream.

Twitch bans streamer: Sexual intercourse in the live stream

Kimmikka, who only in July 2022 her account and has only 231 followers so far, posed in a rather odd pose during a stream on August 25, 2022 while answering questions in the chat.

In which clip you can see the woman suddenly grimacing to speak to someone who appears to be behind her. Shortly thereafter is one male voice listen.

The person is through the reflection in the window partially recognizable in the background while the two apparently have sexual intercourse with each other.

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Clip goes viral, Twitch steps in

The streamer’s clip went viral immediately after it appeared on the LiveStreamFail subreddit had landed. Thousands watched the video and then commented, ultimately launching Twitch. The clip was then removed and Kimmikka banned.

Opposite the reporter and streamer Jake Lucky Kimmikka is said to have revealed that the entire incident involved a “drunk accident” acted.

According to her own statement, the streamer is only for the whole banned for seven days been. However, she has not shown the said email from Twitch publicly so far. Jake Lucky writes on Twitter that he have big doubtswhether Twitch will really leave it at just one week.

Overall, the outrage on Twitter and Co. should be great, should the young woman actually be such mild punishment received from Twitch.

Some demand one directly Perma Ban, i.e. a permanent blocking of your account. After all, other streamers have received significantly harsher penalties and longer bans in the past for significantly lesser violations of the streaming platform’s guidelines.

This is the built-in hardware MontanaBlack:

Sexual content on Twitch, a difficult subject

In general, it’s not uncommon for streamers to be banned from Twitch because of sexual content. Over time, we have observed various streamers more or less accidentally showing content that goes against the Amazon Own Platform Policies violated and punished for it.

In some cases there was already a reaction from Twitch for that showing some skin, whether intentional or unintentional. In the recent past, so-called streamers and viewers in particular have received great criticism from other streamers and viewers Hot tub streamsin which predominantly female streamers with little clothing on their bodies interact with their viewers in paddling pools, bathtubs or whirlpools.

To the surprise of many decided Twitch in these cases, however, not for a sweeping attack against such streams, but introduced a new, special category: Pools, hot tubs, and beaches.

The guidelines for what’s and isn’t allowed on the platform won’t change, Twitch announced in May 2021. In plain language, this means that the platform operators will not prevent people in hot tubs or bathing suits from streaming. While sexually suggestive content remains prohibited, is contextual clothing – like bathing suits in a pool – allowed.

However, there is still no clear regulation as to how far streamers are allowed to go with their content. In addition, there is always criticism that Twitch applies different standards to influencers.

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