Twitch streamer and ex-shooter pro xQc makes a fool of himself in a shooter in 19 seconds

Twitch streamer and ex-shooter pro xQc makes a fool of himself in a shooter in 19 seconds

Video games can be really complicated and confusing at times. Twitch star xQc also noticed this when he completely misjudged a situation in the popular shooter Rainbow Six: Siege and made a fool of himself.

How did he make a fool of himself?

  • xQc is playing Rainbow Six: Siege
  • The streamer says he is a high rank and is now showing appropriate strategies
  • Is then thrown away by a gadget
  • xQc mistakenly thinks he is dead and screams for help
  • The streamer is still alive, making a fool of himself and a clip of the scene ends up on Twitter

Rainbow Six Siege is considered a really good e-sports shooter:

Rainbow Six: Siege Launch Trailer

“I’m a high rank player – these are advanced tactics!”

What exactly happened? Twitch star xQc used to be a professional player in Blizzard’s shooter Overwatch.

The Canadian has now played the popular tactical shooter Rainbow Six: Siege during his live stream, which still stands out today for its unique gameplay. Now a clip of the stream is doing the rounds on Twitter and has over 290,000 views in just one day.

The clip begins with xQc announcing to his fellow players that he is a high rank and is now showing corresponding strategies. Shortly thereafter, he is thrown to the ground by the gadget of the operator Nomad.

Nomad can use a launcher under her assault rifle to shoot Airjabs that stick to surfaces and knock down enemies within a certain radius. That happened in the clip with xQc, whose operator was down but perfectly healthy. The affected character does not suffer any damage.

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However, xQc does not seem to know that a triggered Airjab does not cause any damage and yells for help at the top of its voice as if it had been shot in real life.

A teammate then asked him if he was “down”. The streamer answered the question with “yes”. Then his teammate, who was about to help the streamer, saw that he wasn’t injured at all.

xQc was just down and his teammate pointed it out to xQc.

In Raibow Six: Siege, an injured operator is referred to as a “Down”. In this case, he can no longer shoot and slowly bleeds to death. However, another player can prevent this by “picking it up”. The revived operator remains with a fraction of his life total, but can then move and engage in gunfights again.

If you want to watch the absurd scene, we’ve got the one for you here theScore esports on Twitter shared clip:

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xQc is a repeat offender: If you now think that such an absurd scene can happen and happen to anyone, that is of course correct. But it’s not the first time something like this has happened to xQc.

As early as June 2022, the streamer attracted attention with a clip when xQc embarrassed itself in CS:GO.

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What do you say about the scene? Do you think xQc made a fool of themselves or do you think that can happen to anyone? Write it to us here on MeinMMO in the comments!

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