Twitch’s flagship nerd can’t have a girlfriend: “I want him to be miserable and lonely like me.”

Twitch's flagship nerd can't have a girlfriend: "I want him to be miserable and lonely like me."

Twitch star Zack aka “Asmongold” embodies the cliché of the typical gamer. He grew up with the MMORPG WoW. The idea that he could still have a girlfriend is apparently too much for some fans.

This is Asmongold:

If you want to know more about Asmongold, we briefly introduce him to you in the video:

Asmongold’s career and life in 3 minutes – what makes him special?

Skew t-shirt causes a stir on Twitter

This t-shirt is about: On August 21, Asmongold posted a photo on Twitter. In the picture he is wearing a t-shirt that shows him with his former girlfriend. The pose of the two is an allusion to a scene in the movie Titanic.

Asmongold said he received the shirt as a gift from Izzy and should have expected something like that.

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How the t-shirt arrives: Most fans seem to place the quirky gift somewhere between funny and cute. Some say the relationship has been good for Asmongold as Izzy pushed him out of his comfort zone and both were able to grow as people.

They even wished for a love comeback between the two. Asmongold and Izzy’s relationship ended in 2019, apparently because both were struggling with personal issues and Izzy was uncomfortable in Asmongold’s native Texas.

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Others joke that they’d like to see the shirt in the next 30 streams – a nod to Asmongold’s habit of seemingly wearing the same shirt for several weeks.

Fan begs Asmongold not to go back to Izzy

That’s what the fan wanted: One fan didn’t find the photo funny at all. He begged Asmongold not to get back together with his ex-girlfriend. The reason: his fans are all lonely.

Don’t go back to her please Asmon, most of the chat and myself are single. At least we can identify with that 100%. The rest is up for debate.

SAGE420 via Twitter

While most could only shake their heads at the comment, another fan agreed. He wanted Asmongold to be as miserable and lonely as himself.

Still others suspect a real conspiracy. They believe there was never a breakup. Asmongold and Izzy continued their relationship in secret.

how do you see it? Can you treat others to their happiness in love, even if things are not going so well for you? Or don’t you want to know about other people’s relationships? Please leave us a comment with your opinion.

Asmongold is currently taking some time off from streaming and is only active through his secondary channel. He hasn’t streamed on his main channel for weeks. You can read what he’s been up to in the meantime here:

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