Unreal Engine 5: Broadleaf Forest tech demo will blow your mind

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Again and again in the Unreal Engine 5 Built tech demos that impress developers and fans alike. While the former are happy about features or are fascinated by the implementation of a new technology, outsiders are often amazed at the visual result of the demos. The tech demo is an example that is currently very interesting for both sides Broadleaf Forest of the German team MAWI United So far, three videos have been published showing the eponymous forest with different weather conditions. The demo can currently be admired in video form in spring as well as in autumn and in the snowy winter. However, if you would like to hike a little through the virtual forests yourself, you can download the tech demo for free download.

The technique of the tech demo

Various techniques were combined to create this visually stunning result. epic for example, with the Unreal Engine 5 has technologies like nanites or lumens added.

About these and other features of the Unreal Engine (buy now ) 5 we have and the PC games hardware already reported in detail. It should also be noted that the forest in the tech demo is said to have been generated entirely as a percentage, according to the team. This is based on photogrammetric scans. In any case, demos like the Broadleaf Forest show what possibilities studios could have in the development of their projects in the future. What the implementation of these features will look like in concrete terms is another matter.

MAWI Broadleaf Forest: Visually high-quality tech demo from Germany

MAWI Broadleaf Forest: Beautiful fall in tech demo

MAWI Broadleaf Forest: Impressive winter forest in the tech demo


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