Windows 11 Update: KB5016691 fixes printers, Bluetooth and more

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Optional patch

The optional August patch is available for Windows 11. KB5016691 brings a number of bug fixes, such as for printing, Bluetooth audio devices, and more.


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The optional patch KB5016691 is available for download in the Windows 11 update settings. If you decide to install it, bring your operating system to build number 22000.918. As usual, the patch comes without security updates – these are reserved for the patch day. Instead there is a list of bug fixes and improvements. We summarize the most important information.

Microsoft lists bug fixes for printers as highlights for patch KB5016691. These could cause problems when restarted or set up again. Then Windows 11 failed to download certain apps from Store and Edge could get stuck in Internet Explorer mode. In addition, Bluetooth audio devices could become silent when users made changes to the “progress bar” – for example, wanted to jump to a different point in a piece of music.

Furthermore, admins can now remotely install new languages ​​and associated features, and Defender has received improved abilities to detect ransomware or other more advanced attacks. There is a fix for AutoHDR functions for certain GPUs, and performance issues with BitLocker have also been fixed. Further points can be found in the official patch notes from Microsoft KB5016691. Of course, the installation path is also above the Update Catalog to disposal.

The only known errors listed there are display problems with XPS files. These primarily concern characters from Japanese or Chinese. The XPS Viewer acknowledges attempts to open such files with an error message. In addition, it can then lead to high CPU load and increasing memory consumption up to 2.5 GB before the app simply crashes. Microsoft is still working on a solution. However, only a few are affected because the XPS Viewer is no longer installed by default.

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