WoW: Dragonflight: Hazzikostas wants to know – mythical raids again in the first ID?

WoW: Dragonflight: This class gets (99 percent) one "Battlerezz"

from Sebastian Glanzer
In an interview with raid leader Max from Liquid, Game Director Ion Hazzikostas surprised the interviewer and the community by asking whether Mythic raids should be available again in the first ID. Does that possibly indicate the release date of WoW Dragonflight?

WoW’s Game Director Ion Hazzikostas recently answered questions from the Liquid (Maximum) raid manager. In the meantime, however, the interviewee became the questioner. Hazzikostas threw up what players would think of seeing all raid difficulty levels available again right at the start of a raid. So far, the mythical variant of a raid only starts a week after the release of normal and heroic.

The game director clarified that this was a hypothetical question and that there are no plans to announce such a feature any time soon. However, he is asking for community feedback on a possible change from the traditional week-long split between raids on Normal/Heroic and Mythic difficulties, to instead releasing all three difficulties at the same time.

A nod to the holidays at the end of 2022?

The interviewer was visibly taken aback by the question, but as the raid leader of a hardcore guild, guilds like Liquid would probably be fine if you didn’t have to get everything out of heroic mode for a week. Incredible split runs Depending on the duration of the raid tier, they might still be the order of the day during a World First Race, but would be significantly curbed as a result.

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That being said, it’s an issue that the entire community should provide feedback on, not just one person, and some players are in favor of using the extra week to get used to the raid at a lower difficulty. Hazzikostas admitted that the team is still considering how Dragonflight’s first raid rollout would fit with the upcoming holiday season.