7 reasons why you should buy a PS5 now

7 reasons why you should buy a PS5 now

Are you considering buying a PS5? MeinMMO introduces you to 7 reasons why it is worth buying a PlayStation 5.

The PS5 is the newest console from Sony and follows the PS4. If you are considering switching from the PS4 to the PS5 or simply want to start out in the Sony cosmos with the PS5, then you will find reasons why it is worth buying a PS5 in our article.

If you are looking for a comprehensive comparison of the PS5 and the Xbox Series X, then take a look at this buying guide here on MeinMMO:

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Short loading times and fast SSD storage

Fast SSD storage is used inside the PS5, which many developers had raved about before the release.

This internal SSD memory ensures particularly short loading times for your games. Both current PS5 games and backwards-compatible PS4 games benefit from the fast memory. In some cases, the loading times are so short that some developers even intentionally increase them so that certain features work:

The loading times of the PS5 are so short that a common feature no longer works

Backward compatibility to PS4

On the PS5 you can still play your games from your old PS4. This applies to both digital copies from the PS Store and games you have on disc in your closet. You don’t have to do without your favorites from the PS4 era on the PS5 either, as was the case when switching from the PS3 to the PS4.

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Note, however, that some PS4 games now have a new PS5 version as well. Here you benefit from additional advantages. All important questions about backward compatibility of the PS5 can be found in the following article here on MeinMMO:

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DualSense controller

With the PS5, Sony also released a new controller, the so-called DualSense controller. In contrast to the Xbox Series X, where the controller is identical to the Xbox One, Sony has packed some new features into the DualSense. This includes:

  • haptic feedback
  • Adaptive triggers
  • an integrated gyroscope
  • built-in speakers and also a microphone.

The new functions are used in some current PS5 games. If you want to test the new features, then play Astro’s Playroom with a friend: This is a kind of showcase for the DualSense. Here you can try out all the new features of the PS5 controller.

Additional PS Plus games with the PS5: The PS Plus Collection

Anyone who buys a PS5 and has an active PS Plus subscription can look forward to a special bonus: The PS Plus Collection with 19 free games.

The PS Plus Collection is only available to PS5 owners with an active subscription. There are a number of classics in the collection. In the meantime, however, Sony has deleted a strong title from its collection with Persona 5: Royal without replacing it.

If you buy a PS5 and have subscribed to PS Plus, then by all means grab the games from the PS Plus Collection. Games like God of War, Ratchet & Clank or Final Fantasy XV are included.

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Better graphics, ray tracing and higher frame rate

Games look much prettier on the PS5 in many cases. For example, if you compare games like Horizon: Forbidden West, which have both PS4 and PS5 versions, you’ll find that the game just looks better on PS5. The textures appear much sharper, the faces more detailed and the range of vision higher.

In addition, the PS5 offers you 120 FPS at a resolution of 4K. At 120 FPS, your games will feel significantly smoother than at 60 or even just 30 FPS. Especially when you’re moving fast, objects appear less blurry.

However, there is one downside: only native PS5 games support “120 FPS” mode. Backward compatible PS4 games you install on the PS5 will only run at 60 FPS at 4K.

3D audio

With the PS5, Sony uses “Tempest 3D Audio” for the sound. This is a special audio technology that, according to Sony, is one of the main features of the PS5. 3D audio should ensure that you get an improved spatial perception when gambling. This way sounds will sound more realistic or you can hear exactly where the enemy is sneaking up on you from.

Incidentally, the advantage of Tempest 3D is that you don’t need any additional high-end hardware for it. Instead, all you need is a compatible device. In the best case, headphones or speakers. In the sound menu of your PS5 you can then select and use one of five 3D audio profiles in the “3D audio” section.

More information about the PS5: If you are looking for more exciting information about the PS5, then take a look at the following article:

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