Diablo 3 Season 27: Don’t throw away your remaining angel crucibles, they’re really valuable

Diablo 3 Season 27: Don't throw away your remaining angel crucibles, they're really valuable

In Diablo 3 Season 27, Angelic Crucibles may drop, which can be used to upgrade legendary items to sacred items. But the parts have another great benefit.

What are these items? The seasonal theme of Season 27 runs in such a way that you can drop the so-called angel crucibles from level 70. These are consumable items that you can use to “sanctify” legendary items. However, you can only equip one sacred item per build. So what do you do with the remaining angel crucibles once you have your perfect item?

Here we show you why you shouldn’t throw them away and what purpose they still have.

Use angel crucibles for ancient braided rings!

You can do this: Instead of throwing away the angel crucibles or frying them in random items, you can use them for your braided rings. Because the consumables drop about five times as often as Ramaladni’s gift (consumable to build sockets in weapons). So you will often get some in your runs.

Use the remaining angel crucibles to eventually make ancient braided rings out of braided rings. You upgrade the rings with the consumables. And that’s really worth it. Diablo expert Wudijo shared this tip with the community in a YouTube video:

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why is this good You already know braided rings from Diablo 3. Putting them in Kanai’s Cube will open a portal to the great Goblin Vault, the “Realm of Treasure”. There is gold and items without end. A welcome farming chamber for players in Diablo 3.

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Even more gold and loot awaits you in a realm of treasures, which you open with an ancient braided ring. And that’s exactly why it’s worth combining the other angel crucibles with your braided rings.

So save the first braided rings until you can upgrade them with the consumables. Your whole party will thank you for taking them to an ancient realm of treasure.

How do you like the new seasonal theme? Are you going to get a single Holy Power and pursue a build with it, or are you going to try out several of the Holy Items and Powers and give the new builds a try? Let us know what you think about it here on MeinMMO in the comments.