Need for Speed ​​2022 leak gives us our first look at the anime elements

A short clip shows the rumored anime effects of the new Need for Speeds.

A short clip shows the rumored anime effects of the new Need for Speeds.

EA has still not officially revealed the new Need for Speed ​​part, but there are still leaks about the next racing title. A new alleged gameplay clip now shows us what the anime effects could look like in the game. And a well-known insider has also spoken up and reported that Need for Speed ​​was once again postponed internally by EA.

The Need for Speed ​​clip shows that

In the clip, just three seconds long, which Reddit appeared, a Chevrolet Bel air can be seen crashing into a sculpture mid-jump. Not only does the screen briefly flash red, but typical cartoon-like effects also appear: a hand-drawn skull and wings flash around the car. You can watch the short clip for yourself here:

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While this is clearly an unconfirmed leak, the material shown would at least match previous leaks. According to them, the next Need for Speed ​​should offer photorealistic graphics, but should also be aimed at a younger audience and contain visual anime elements:

Need for Speed ​​2022 now only in December

In addition to this leak, industry insider Jeff Grubb, who is already responsible for some rumors about Need for Speed, has also spoken out again. in the Giant Bomb Podcast he spoke about the fact that EA had postponed the game internally from November to December. A month doesn’t seem long at first, but considering that the game was originally supposed to be released in 2021 according to Grubb, the release has now been postponed by at least a year. At least the reasons for the December release should not be a cause for concern, says Grubb:

she [Anm. d. Red.: EA] take a few more weeks before showing the game. Apparently Criterion was just a little distracted back when they were on Battlefield [2024] worked and that had a ripple effect that led to this shift.

So we have to be patient a little longer until we get to see the new Need for Speed. However, a release at the end of 2022 makes sense, after all, EA published in May as part of a financial report for the 2022 fiscal year presentation announced a new Need for Speed ​​for FY2023 in the third quarter – and that ends on December 31, 2022.

What do you think of the clip? Would you like these anime elements or is this not for you?