Netflix is ​​canceling Resident Evil

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Netflix pulls the ripcord after just one season of Resident Evil. The live-action series about Albert Wesker and his children no season 2 get how the movie site deadline first reported. With that, the adaptation of the popular survival-horror franchise is being shelved just a month and a half after it launched, albeit Netflix and showrunner Andrew Dabb had big plans for the series.

The series started on July 14, 2022 and received rather moderate reviews. Especially the Viewer rating was devastating. on Rotten Tomatoes the value of the Average Audience Score is currently at a mere 27%. In addition to its general quality, the series also had other problems. At the same time, season 4 of the popular mystery series Stranger Things started, also on Netflix, and dominated the streaming provider’s charts at the time. After a good start at number 2, Resident Evil quickly slipped down. Already in the third week after release, the horror series was no longer in the top 10 of the Netflix charts.