New World: Dungeon Finder finally live after postponement

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from Sarah Petzold
Fans have long wanted a dungeon finder for New World, and now it’s here. After the feature was supposed to be released with the Medleyfare update, the release was delayed for a short time. But as of August 25, 2022, players can finally officially use the dungeon finder.

When Amazon’s online role-playing game New World was launched in September 2021, fans quickly realized that the developers had forgotten an important quality-of-life feature, namely the dungeon finder. We have to visit the first dungeon early in the game during the campaign – and for low-level players it could sometimes be a very tedious task to find a suitable group via the in-game chat.

Players set their own group entry requirements

That’s enough of that. Because since August 25, 2022 – almost a year after the original release date of New World (buy now €39.99)– the dungeon finder has now found its way into the MMORPG. The developers announced via Twitter that the feature was now officially implemented in the game:

The dungeon finder works on a principle similar to what we already know from other online role-playing games such as World of Warcraft. However, the game itself does not take over the group assignment, but the users of the dungeon finder. In practice it works like this:

  • A click on the “Group search” function in the expedition access menu opens an overview with so-called lobbies – i.e. requests for fellow players for a group activity.
  • Players can join a lobby or create a lobby themselves.
  • The lobby builder sets the minimum level and gear points desired for that group activity.
  • Anyone wishing to apply to join a lobby must specify a role (healer, tank, damage dealer).
  • Players can apply for a seat in a maximum of 100 lobbies at the same time.
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