Pokémon GO: Don’t ignite smoke four times at the GO Fest Finale!

Pokémon GO: Don't ignite smoke four times at the GO Fest Finale!

The grand finale of GO Fest is underway in Pokémon GO. It would be bad to ignite 4 smoke directly.

what’s going on Today, August 27th, Pokémon GO is hosting the GO Fest Finale. In our live ticker we show you everything that is happening right now and what you need to prepare for next.

There are important tips from the community that we want to share with you here again so that you can solve all the tasks well and efficiently.

Leave smoke for research

Why you should wait with the smoke: on reddit user _DRE_ writes that you should not use all 4 smoke items directly when you start the event. Many trainers start these types of events by stacking smoke and other items right at the start, only to forget about them for the next few hours.

This can be a disadvantage for you in GO Fest, because you are supposed to ignite a smoke in the special research “A bright reunion”. That might be a wasted smoke for you if you’ve already lined up 4 modules for the 8 hour event time. You only unlock the research after you have completed the special research on Willow’s Return.

So first play it safe that the special research is active for you and that you have the task open and only then ignite the smoke.

Many trainers from the community have already thanked user _DRE_ for the tip and we hope that we were able to help you by sharing it.

For more tips and hints about the GO Fest Finale in Pokémon GO, you should keep an eye on the live ticker on MeinMMO. Our Pokémon expert Franzi tells you everything that’s happening and what you need to know about the event. So you don’t miss any important information.

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