Poll: Will you buy the DualSense Edge for the PS5?

DualSense Edge, yes or no?

DualSense Edge, yes or no?

A pro controller for the Xbox is nothing new, but it is for the PlayStation. With the DualSense Edge Wireless Controller we get a controller for the PS5 that brings us various advantages. The only question is: Is the DualSense Edge worth it for you and do you buy it? That’s exactly what we want to know from you in this survey.

This is the Edge controller for the PS5

In addition to the normal DualSense for around 70 to 80 euros, there will soon be an improved version with the DualSense Edge Wireless Controller. It is still unclear when that will come and how expensive it will be. We already know the pro features for this:

  • interchangeable stick caps
  • interchangeable stick modules
  • Buttons on the back, also interchangeable
  • freely adjustable buttons and controls
  • multiple control profiles
  • On-Controller UI

You can find more information about the controller and the scope of delivery in our announcement news from Opening Night Live, where he was introduced. We also have the trailer for you here again:

PlayStation 5 - DualSense Edge Wireless Controller Announced


PlayStation 5 – DualSense Edge Wireless Controller Announced

Are you buying the DualSense Edge?

The advantages are obvious, but Sony will certainly pay a lot for this good piece. As already mentioned, exactly how much is not yet known, but that should be a decisive factor in whether you buy the DualSense Edge or not. But what is your opinion based on the current state of knowledge?

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Feel free to write us the reason for your answer in the comments and what your experience with pro controllers looks like otherwise. Do you perhaps already have an idea of ​​price and/or wishes for functions that the DualSense Edge lacks?

Our hardware expert Chris has already made his decision without knowing the price: the DualSense Edge will be his first pro controller – for just one reason.