PS5: New feature for online tournaments coming

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When it comes to competitive video games, Sony made their mark a while back by buying one of the most popular fighting game tournaments called EVO. But Sony already took some steps to support the competitive scene of various video games. For example, since 2016 there was a certain feature on the PlayStation 4 that allowed players to easily join tournaments.

Tournament feature also coming to PlayStation 5

As Sony recently announced, the tournament feature will soon be coming to the PlayStation 5. The feature will be released in certain countries in the coming weeks. This allows you to join tournaments for different games to win prizes and of course secure a spot on the leaderboard. The whole thing should be easy to access via the PS5 Control Center.

Sony attaches great importance to offering the tournaments without major complications. So you’ll be able to easily join various tournaments from your console, and all information such as your bracket can also be accessed from your console. Match results and things like that are supposed to be updated in real time, so you can start preparing for your next opponent right away.