Resident Evil: Netflix series is canceled after just one season

Resident Evil: Netflix series is canceled after just one season

from Valentin Sattler
The Resident Evil Netflix series apparently didn’t live up to the company’s expectations, so it’s being canceled after just one season. Apparently, this has no influence on other video game adaptations from Netflix.

There is hardly a video game series that has been implemented as a film or series as often as Resident Evil. In the latest attempt, the streaming group Netflix tried to publish the horror series as a series. However, the fans could not warm to the work, which was released on July 14: the ratings on popular criticism websites were not convincing, and the number of viewers of Resident Evil was apparently also rather meager.

Resident Evil without a second season

According to a report by Deadline, Netflix has now decided to stop production of the series. While many Netflix productions make it to at least two or three seasons, Resident Evil ends after the first season.

The report on the decision is documented with concrete viewer numbers. So it has Resident Evil in the first week after release, it was number 2 in the streaming service’s top 10 and was watched for 72.7 million hours. The numbers are also correct in week 2 with 73.3 million hours and third place in the top 10. However, the series then fell directly from the top 10. Apparently she couldn’t generate long-term viewer interest. In addition, the shitstorm generated by Resident Evil should not have been in Netflix’s interest.

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After all: The company will probably not be deterred from further video game adaptations by the flop of Resident Evil. Just got for the Film adaptation of Bioshock a director has been found, and an adaptation of the Dragon Age series is also planned. In addition, given the great success of the Witcher series, the company will also release at least one more season here.

Source: deadline via PC gamers