Stellaris: Console Edition: Aquatics Species Pack available for consoles

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The Stellaris: Aquatics Species Pack is now available on consoles. New immersive content is now available in the fifth expansion pass.

Paradox Interactive has that today Aquatics Species Pack for Stellaris: Console Edition released on Xbox and PlayStation.

Available now individually or as part of the fifth expansion pass, Aquatics adds a host of new customization options to the rising tide of content available for Stellaris. Additional origins and properties for your own empire, new ships, portraits and much more are available for the players.

The contents of the Aquatics Species Pack in detail:

  • New origins
    • Long live the dragon! This ancient mythical beast stalks the players’ homeworld, encircling their humble kingdom in its sage-blue scales. Your relationship with this proud creature will determine whether you will be willing to defend or destroy players… they would be wise not to anger them.
    • Oceanic Paradise: These peaceful civilizations lead peaceful lives in a rich environment. With no natural enemies, abundant food sources and bonuses, they enjoy unhindered growth and wealth.
  • New Trait – Aquatic: When species evolve on ocean worlds, they are the stereotypical “fish out of water” on other worlds.
  • New Civic Element – Angler: The bounty of the sea, fresh seafood and rare pearls are just some of the perks of the seafaring life. Players visit the farming districts to cash in on these valuable commodities.
  • New Ascension Perk – Hydrocentric: As players spend most of their time underwater, they find cheaper and faster ways to change their environment. Planets can be terraformed into oceanic worlds or enlarged by harvesting water from other planets. Players build the sandcastles of space!
  • A new ship set in the elegant look with which the players make their way through space.
  • New Aquatics Dragon: A new, majestic space dragon now populates the stars.
  • New Advisor: Now players sail through space, accompanied by the voice of the seafaring advisor¸ inspired by high seas adventure novels.
  • 15 new Aquatics portraits let players enjoy their new fish existence even more.
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Aquatics is included in the fifth expansion pass for Stellaris: Console Edition alongside the Nemesis expansion released earlier this year and is now available to all players who purchase or have already purchased the expansion pass. The Overlord expansion will also be added to the fifth expansion pass in the near future.

Here is the launch trailer:

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