Tempest Rising: This is how the RTS plays in the style of Commmand & Conquer

Tempest Rising: This is how the RTS plays in the style of Commmand & Conquer

from Sarah Petzold
Our colleagues from PC Games played the new RTS Tempest Rising at Gamescom 2022. We summarize their first impression of the game, which is clearly based on the Command & Conquer series.

A real RTS in the style of the old Command & Conquer parts has not existed for a long time – so the fans are starving accordingly. The newly announced Tempest Rising, which is explicitly based on C&C, comes at just the right time. After the developers presented the title for the first time with a trailer at Gamescom 2022, our colleagues from PC Games were also able to play the title directly on site at the fair.

First Impression: This RTS has real potential

Who looks at the premise of Tempest Rising looks closer, is directly reminded of Command & Conquer: After a nuclear war, the world divides into two powers, the Global Defense Force and the Tempest Dynasty. Both factions are at odds over a mysterious new resource called “Tempest”. In addition, there is said to be a third faction that has been kept secret so far.

Graphically, Tempest Rising is based on the Unreal Engine 4 and looks accordingly chic. The developers do not experiment with the controls and are guided by the RTS genre standard. The first mission of the GDF campaign, including side missions, was playable at Gamescom. According to the developers, the latter should not represent pure occupational therapy, but offer tangible advantages for mastering the main goals.

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The two available factions have played very differently so far and also have different focuses when it comes to base building: The GDF is reminiscent of the GDI from C&C, while the Tempest Dynasty prefers a mixture of mobility and many, but cheap units – a bit like a mixture of the Zerg in Starcraft and the Mongols in Age of Empires IV.

Based on their first impressions, the PCGames editors are pretty enthusiastic about Tempest Rising and believe that if the developers can keep up the gameplay of the mission that has already been played, we’re in for a real RTS hit. The title from Danish studio Slipgate Ironworks is published by publisher THQ Nordic and is scheduled for release in 2023 for the PC.

Source: PCGames