The new city in Tower of Fantasy has a dark story for you

The new city in Tower of Fantasy has a dark story for you

At gamescom 2022 we meet the developers of the new anime MMORPG Tower of Fantasy and find out some exclusive news. They reveal details about the content of the upcoming update, including the gloomy lore about the new city.

The “Vera” update is supposed to be the first expansion of Tower of Fantasy. You enter a desert landscape and can discover new content there. There will also be a new city where you continue playing the main story.

New information about Mirroria City

We also learn the background to the new city of Mirroria City. Since the desert is not habitable, almost all residents of the new zone live in the cyberpunk metropolis.

The city floats in the air and is shaped like a pyramid. From the outside, Mirroria City is completely enveloped by solar panels that generate electricity inside. However, it is permanently dark inside. Only the numerous neon signs and lanterns illuminate the eternal night.

In Mirroria City, society is divided into three classes. Uptown, Middle and Downtown. The rich live uptown and the poor live downtown. The appearance of the city is also adapted to the resources of the residents of the respective district. Means: Uptown is impressive, modern and beautiful, while Downtown looks rather neglected.

Here’s the trailer for the update:

Tower of Fantasy Vera Update Trailer

What else is new? In addition, the developers reveal previously unknown details about the update:

When is release? “Vera” will be released later this year. When exactly, the developers do not tell us.

What do you think of the new information? Are you looking forward to the Vera expansion in Tower of Fantasy? Do you already play the MMORPG and maybe even drew some cool SSR characters? Or are gacha games not for you? Write it to us in the comments here on MeinMMO!

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