WoW: August 27, 2022 Hotfixes with Nerf for Courtyard of Stars

Ashran returns as an epic battleground in WoW Battle for Azeroth Patch 8.2.

from Sarah Petzold
The WoW developers have again released new hotfixes for WoW: Shadowlands. This time, among other things, a piece of loot from the Court of Stars was at stake. Also, the WoW team adjusted the item level requirement for Fateful LFR mode.

It’s Hoftix time again in WoW: Shadowlands: On August 27, 2022, two changes will go live that affect the fateful LFR wings and an item from the time-walking dungeon Court of the Stars. Specifically, the developers have reduced the item level that players must have at least in order to be able to register for a fateful LFR wing. In addition to that they missed the Jewel Signet of Melandruswhich drops in the Timewalking dungeon Court of Stars, a nerf: The damage bonus the ring deals has been reduced by 74 percent.