WoW: Hazzikostas in the maximum interview – the most important statements summarized

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Recently, Liquids had raid leaders Max the chance to interview WoW’s Game Director Ion Hazzikostas. The two talked about the progress of the Dragonflight alpha, the achievements of Shadowlands Season 4, the new talent trees and many raid and dungeon topics that were on the minds of the World First guild leader and the community. In doing so, we were able to obtain some new information. For example, which class has recently received a battle rezz, whether the Hall of Fame will continue to exist and whether the developers are planning a dinar system like in WoW Season 4 (buy now ) Shadowlands could introduce for upcoming patches. A summary of the most important statements can be found below.

Ion Hazzikostas in an interview with Liquid Max – the most important statements

  • Season 4’s style (a mini-season at the end of the expansion) was a success and may continue to be so at the end of future expansions.
  • Also, the dinar system is something we might see again in a similar form in the future. However, the dinar system gives the player the reward of a selectable BiS item too quickly and easily. Dinars ensure that the desire to hunt for an item fizzles out.
  • The Hall of Fame will probably continue to exist. The rules for Crossrealm Mythic Raids will not be completely removed either, but may be unlocked earlier than usual.
  • Cross-faction guilds continue to be a major technical hurdle. Crossfaction guilds should ideally become a reality in Dragonflight.
  • Nothing will change for the time being when entering the Mythic Raid mode. Normal and Heroic are meant to be played in random and flexible groups. Mythic still tends not to be geared towards that.
  • Mythic raid difficulty may reopen alongside Normal and Heroic. The developers want the opinion of the community.
  • Paladins may receive a battle rezz.
  • Dracthyr Callers gain Bloodlust/Heroism.
  • Especially with the return of buffs, it will become even more important to have all the “right” classes in the raid. Developers are looking at somehow splitting unique abilities like Death Knight’s Death Grip or Warlock’s Portal among other classes in the future, giving raid leaders more flexibility in raid composition. But that should be more of a high-end problem. Normal and Heroic Raids shouldn’t require specific class abilities like Death Grip.
  • With weapon oils, whetstones and armor sets, Shadowlands has overdone it a bit. They wanted to help the craftsmen. In Dragonflight, the usefulness of crafters will be interpreted differently.
  • A beloved Dragonflight dungeon from Season 1 is retiring from the M+ rotation in Season 2. Unfortunately that is the case, but it is not impossible that this dungeon will return in the following seasons.
  • It’s difficult to offer better M+ loot for Keystones higher than +15 without making raiding and PvP obsolete. However, they have a keystone level in mind and are trying to implement the best rewards for their content for raiders, PvP players and M+ players.
  • Dragon riding outside of the Dragon Isles is still on the table. However, the implementation must make sense. One problem is that the Dragon Ride mounts would make all other mounts in the collection pretty much obsolete.
  • It was initially important to the developers to give the players the talent trees with the most important skills. In the coming weeks, fine-tuning will continue and feedback will be collected.
  • Ion Hazzikostas wants to know what players think if the Mythic Raid mode launches alongside Normal and Heroic. Included he’s alluding to the Christmas holidays, which may coincide with the first Dragonflight Raid release.
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Source | WoWhead