A week full of patches and updates in the MMORPGs

A week full of patches and updates in the MMORPGs

The week was rather quiet in the MMORPGs. Nevertheless, we show you all the known news of the week and what the big titles had to offer the fans over the week.

The highlights of the week:

The excitement of the week: In WoW, the auction house went haywire and many players lost their hard-earned gold as a result. One fan even goes so far as to claim that the MMORPG’s economy will take weeks to stabilize.

The discussion of the week: Our MeinMMO author Cortyn took a closer look at the mood of the respective races and found that night elves are the biggest crybabies in all of WoW.

Check out the trailer for the new ESO expansion here:

ESO Shows Lost Depths Gameplay Trailer – “Can’t Understand Why This Doesn’t Get More Attention”

The release of a long-awaited feature in New World

This is what happened in the big MMORPGs:

This is what happened with the small MMORPGs:

  • After a disappointing last-minute cancellation, New World is finally getting a long-awaited feature that many fans have been asking for.
  • RuneSpace was supposed to get a new feature called “Fresh Start Worlds,” but the developers are delaying the release until September 26 to respond to fan feedback (via. massivelyop.com)
  • Requiem Online received its reboot, but it caused game crashes and confusion for many players due to many changes that players are not used to (via. massivelyop.com)

There is also a new trailer for the Steam launch of Guild Wars 2:

Guild Wars 2 comes to Steam and shows trailers

What happened to the MMORPGs in development?

  • Upcoming sandbox MMORPG Fractured Online is kicking off a free weekend for fans to join on September 2 (via. mmorpg.com).
  • The Cycle starts its second season with a new Battle Pass, a new map (via massivelyop.com).
  • Fractured Veil adds new server system and mechanics that will benefit you just before you die. It will make it easier for you to get back on your feet. (via. massivelyop.com)
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That was an overview of all the news of the week. How about you? Did we miss an important news in the MMORPGs or did we cover everything? Please leave us a comment with your opinion!