Ban on dancing, Scurrows and Orangemorange clash at Gamescom – video goes viral

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Of: Noah Struthoff

At Gamescom 2022 there were riots between orangemorange, ban on dancing and Scurrows. A video captured the fight and is now going viral.

Updated 08/28/2022: The fight between Tanzverbot, Scurrows and Orangemorange recently made waves throughout YouTube Germany. In the meantime, big names in the scene such as Unge or MontanaBlack have also reacted to the precarious Gamescom incident.

event Gamescom
location Cologne
First exhibition 2009, previously as Games Convention in Leipzig
Visitors (2019) 373,000
Exhibitor 250
event period August 24, 2022 to August 28, 2022

Fight at Gamescom 2022: HerrNewstime reports on the events

Eyewitness Mr.Newstime: As can already be seen from the footage of the beating, the YouTuber HerrNewstime was there as an eyewitness. The news moderator of the video platform uploaded a statement on his channel in which he gives his view of the events surrounding the ban on dancing, Orangemorange and Scurrows.

In his statement, Mr.Newstime says that he and Tanzban were insulted. The YouTuber was dubbed “bald” and the ban on dancing was given the words “fat pig”. For HerrNewstime, this seemed “like a form of bullying” against the ban on dancing.

Furthermore, the YouTuber contradicts the allegations made by Scurrows and Orangemorange that Tanzban attacked the streamer group or spat at Orangemorange. In addition to HerrNewstime, there were other prominent names who wanted to give their opinion on the Gamescom brawl.

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MontanaBlack and Unge tweet: MontanaBlack, who was also present at Gamescom, made disparaging remarks about the fight between the prohibition on dancing and Orangemorange. “Violence is pretty uncool.” Unge endorsed this statement. “What happened at Gamescom is just embarrassing and shameful.

Riot at Gamescom 2022: Orangemorange posts conclusion – wants to speak out with a ban on dancing

Update from 08/27/2022, 4:30 p.m.: Gamescom is overshadowed by the ugly clash between ban on dancing, scurrow and orangemorange. On Twitter, those involved continue to blame each other and sometimes find hard words for each other. Orangemorange now speaks up with a longer statement.

Orangemorange wants pronunciation: For Orangemorange it is still clear that Tanzban sought a dispute with him and Scurrows at Gamescom 2022. His cup throw was pure self-defense because Tanzban was completely in a rage. So that such a situation does not repeat itself in the future, the casino streamer would like to pronounce a ban on dancing: “You will probably have to let it go for a few days, but I’ll try to talk to Tanzverbot if he wants to.”

Scurrows also promised his fans a statement about the Gamescom incident, but he would like to explain his point of view in a video. So his fans will have to be patient. However, it remains to be seen whether the streamers will really talk about it. Ban on dancing has not yet responded to Orangemorange’s suggestion.

Original message from 08/26/2022: Cologne – At Gamescom 2022, numerous streamers who actually want to celebrate a big gaming festival will meet. Now, on the sidelines of the fair, there was a tangible argument between the casino streamers Scurrows and Orangemorange on the one hand and the ban on dancing on the other. A video shows a scramble and a cup toss. The clip went viral within hours.

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Ban on dancing vs. Scurrows and Orangemorange – dispute ends in a fight

What happened? On the sidelines of Gamescom 2022, the streamers Orangemorange, Scurrows and Tanzverbot clashed. A video on Twitter shows the three YouTubers and streamers in a physical argument. At first there are insults, while then OrangeMorange and Scurrows on the one hand attack no dancing on the other. Here’s the video from Twitter:

First you can see how Tanzverbot pushes Orangemorange on the right side. Then Scurrows and Orangemorange defend themselves and go for a dance ban. A cup flies in the direction of Tanzban and hits Tanzban’s companion Lola on the head. Then there are insults from both sides and the video breaks off.

Ban on Dance vs. Scurrows & Orangemorange – Dispute over Casino Streams?

These are the reactions: All three streamers justify their actions on Twitter. Scurrows and Orangemorange accuse Tanzban of insulting them. In addition, Orangemorange is said to have been spat on by Tanzban. Tanzban, on the other hand, writes on Twitter that Scurrows is said to have had a “big face” and then hid behind MMA fighters when he confronted him.

In another Twitter video you can see that Tanzverbot could not be calmed down even after the fight and had to be held down by several people. His companion Lola also shouted loudly at the streamer and wanted to calm him down. She was pushed to the ground by Tanzban herself.

What is the trigger for the dispute? That’s not entirely clear. The fact is that Tanzban has publicly criticized his two streamer colleagues several times. Scurrows and Orangemorange both regularly stream casino content, which Banana doesn’t like at all. After all, this is how you lure your young and sometimes underage viewers into gambling addiction, it is argued.

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Scurrows and Orangemorange have repeatedly caused a shitstorm in recent months. Most recently, Scurrows also took on CakeTV: Casino bully Scurrows shoots at CakeTV: “You’re a woman beater”