Final Fantasy 14: Meet Yoshi-P at the Rebirth Festival!

Final Fantasy 14: How To Meet Yoshi-P At The Rebirth Festival!  (1)

from Stefan Brunk
It’s time for the Rebirth Festival once again! Traditionally, the new edition of Final Fantasy 14 from 2013 is celebrated with this in-game event. At this event, it’s even possible to meet producer and director Naoki Yoshida himself!

Final Fantasy 14 got off to a rough start. After the first version of the MMO from 2010 failed, the developers led by Yoshi-P did everything they could to turn the entire game inside out and 2013 in the form of A Realm Reborn to republish. In order to duly celebrate this achievement, which is unique in the computer and video game world, and also to say thank you to the fans, the Festival of Rebirth instead of.

In-game event with FF14 director returns

The Festival of Rebirth is an in-game event themed after the seventh cataclysm that destroyed Eorzea a few years ago. At the same time, however, it also serves to mark the special anniversary of A Realm Reborn to celebrate, which is now in its ninth year. Traditionally, Yoshi-P also makes an appearance in the form of the traveling singer, who played a key role in the new edition from 2013. In the past few years he has repeatedly thanked the players and once it was also possible to visit the developer offices virtually. So we can look forward to what we can expect this year.

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Final Fantasy 14: How To Meet Yoshi-P At The Rebirth Festival! (1)

Source: Square Enix

If you want to take partyou can follow from August 27th Ul’dah (Nald cloister X10.1 Y:8.4) and there at the Traveling Singer accept the quest “New Journeys on Old Paths”. The companion waves for the end of the event Wind-up Solus as a reward.