Former Pornstar Banned From Fortnite Tournament – Epic Explains Why

Former Pornstar Banned From Fortnite Tournament - Epic Explains Why

Epic Games banned a Twitch streamer from a major Fortnite tournament. The streamer suspects that her previous work as a porn star is the reason. In the meantime, the developer has explained in a statement why she was not allowed to participate.

Who is the person you are talking about? Adriana Chechik is a former porn actress who has been active on Twitch since August 2019. She now has more than 700,000 followers and over 2,000 hours of streaming on the streaming platform.

Chechik now wanted to participate in a special tournament in Fortnite. To do this, she had to be confirmed by both Twitch and Epic to participate. But the second instance probably refused her participation.

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Fortnite kicks ex-porn star out of event – “Epic Games didn’t approve of my background.”

Why was she banned from the tournament? She wanted to participate in the Twitch Rivals in Fortnite. Twitch Rivals is an esports tournament and competitive online event comprised of Twitch streamers and pro gamers. But their participation was denied by Epic Games, the developer behind Fortnite.

Chechik believes that Epic Games declined her participation in the “Twitch Rivals Fortnite No Build event” due to her previous involvement in the porn industry. She explained that while she was allowed by Twitch, Epic banned her. So she says in her stream (via

[…] I think last night has [Epic Games] decided not to admit me because of my pornographic work. So I got kicked out of the game because of my past and my adult work. Epic Games hasn’t endorsed my background, but that’s okay. I’m used to this, so it’s fine.

There is now an official statement from Epic Games about the campaign. And they think it’s just a misunderstanding. Another streamer has now been banned from Twitch for only playing Ultimate Fishing.

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Epic Games: “No adult references” in Fortnite

How did the developer react? There is now an official statement on the exclusion. This is how Epic Games explains it Twitter:

We are very sorry that this happened. The request to @TwitchRivals was to work with you to remove adult references from the background of your stream due to our game’s rating. We have no problem with you attending events or streaming Fortnite.

It’s probably about the background of the stream. Because according to some users reddit the streamer is said to have actively advertised various pornographic sites in the background. However, Epic Games didn’t like that, as they didn’t want such content in a game for children and young people.

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According to Epic, it was only about cleaning up the background of the stream and making it more child-friendly. There is nothing against the streamer herself and she can continue to stream Fortnite. So it was just a misunderstanding.

Another streamer that offers a lot of Fortnite is currently doing very strange things. So much so that MeinMMO author Schuhmann wants the old Fortnite streamers back:

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How is the community reacting? The ban is discussed on reddit and many can understand Epic’s decision. Because the main target group are mainly children and teenagers. For example, one writes (via

If you play Fortnite, Minecraft, Mario, etc., your primary audience and customer base will be kids and teens. she [die Firmen] You need to protect your family-friendly image because once it’s damaged, it’s almost impossible to recover.

But not everyone can understand that. There are also users who say that Epic regularly brings content from films into play that would officially get an R rating in the USA.

R rating means “Restricted” and in the US means that such films may only be viewed by persons under the age of 17 if accompanied by a parent. Epic is therefore bringing R-rated content to a game for teenagers. Fortnite is T-rated in the US.

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