Gotham Knights: Harley Quinn boss fight revealed

Gotham Knights: Harley Quinn boss fight revealed

Who longingly up Gotham Knights waits, he had on the Gamescom There are several reasons to celebrate: Not only was the upcoming superhero adventure brought forward from October 25th to October 21st and is therefore now appearing four days earlier, the villains of the game also made their appearance with two new videos.

While the new trailer, starring Mr. Freeze, Clayface, and Harley Quinn, takes a swipe at the DC villains, that’s what focuses gameplay video entirely on the Joker’s assistant: Nightwing, one of the four protagonists of Gotham Knights, has to face off in seven minutes (buy now €94.99 /€53.99 )namely in an exciting boss fight against Harley Quinn assert.

Live from Gotham Knights: Nightwing versus Harley Quinn

As the gameplay video released in early August, which showed the first 15 minutes of Gotham Knights, delivers IGN now again an exclusive insight into the superhero game. But this time it doesn’t stand bat girl in the limelight, but her colleague Nightwingwho finally confronts Harley Quinn after a long chase through Gotham’s hospital.

Apparently she hasn’t lost her charm or her madness in Gotham Knights. She presents herself in a red and black outfit with her trusty hammer exactly as fans know her from the comics. in the boss fight However, the crazy villain can no longer shine against Nightwing: Nightwing uses his entire arsenal of martial arts and gadgets to put a stop to Harley.

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Above all, the acrobatic performances of the two make the confrontation a dynamic spectacle. Whether Nightwing uses his physical strength with somersaults or whether Harley Quinn dances through the air with her hammer and throws explosive gimmicks, both try their best to put on a real show.