House of the Dragon: Season 2 already confirmed

House of the Dragon: Season 2 already confirmed

The first episode isn’t out a week, apart from all the rest of the first season, but the hit wave of House of the Dragon is already unstoppable: The Game of Thrones prequel exceeded all expectations at its premiere and achieved nearly 10 million viewers in the USA – a new record in HBO history.

The spin-off also provided the game of Thrones even in the shadows, which only had 2.22 million viewers when it premiered. With such impressive numbers, the following news should come as no surprise: HBO announced that House of the Dragon will have a second season is obtained.

Hardly started, already continued: House of the Dragon gets second season

In addition to the immense number of viewers, the first episode from House of the Dragon also look forward to many positive reviews, in which the series is already considered “worthy successor” referred to as. Of course, it is also correspondingly satisfied Francesca Orsithe vice president of HBO Programming (via SFFGazette): “We are beyond proud of what the entire House of the Dragon team has achieved with Season 1.”

“Our phenomenal cast and crew overcame a daunting challenge and exceeded all expectations, delivering a must-see series already. […] We couldn’t be more excited to continue bringing the epic saga of House Targaryen to life in Season 2.”

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What’s next for House of the Dragon?

But before we get into speculation and fantasies about the second season, let’s turn our attention back to the first season – there we can expect a total of nine episodes, which are here with us weekly on Sky appear. After the basis of the story from the first episode, you can also look forward to political intrigues about this in the other episodes House Targaryen be happy.