Indie developer accuses publisher, postpones own game

Indie developer accuses publisher, postpones own game

Disputes between publishers and developers are nothing new per se. But a recent example between indie developer Toge Productions and publisher Pqube is still causing a stir. Toge is particular through titles like coffee talk known and is currently working on A Space for the Unbound. The pixel-look adventure title, which is set in urban Indonesia in the 1990s, is to be released for both the PC and numerous consoles. Pqube would have actually been the publisher for the title on consoles in the west, but this no longer seems to be the case for the time being. Pqube is supposed to be in Aug 2020 Have applied for funding from a well-known console manufacturer. This is for the financial support of smaller studios like Toge Productions during the Covid-19 Pandemic been thought.

No money for toge

But instead of paying the money to the Indonesian team, the funding probably flowed into the publisher’s pockets:

However, instead of providing us with these funds as originally intended, Pqube Games has knowingly withheld information about the grant and used it to further their own commercial gain“Togo Productions said in the statement. Instead, the money is said to have been used as a minimum refundable guarantee and used to negotiate an increase in its own revenue share.

The shift of the title

only in March 2022 According to their statement, Toge Productions even found out about the application for these funds. As a consequence of these events, the contract with the publisher was terminated by Toge. But according to Toges’ official statement, that doesn’t mean they can automatically release their next project on their own.

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