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Of: Adrienne Murawski

Finally Gamescom again! After two years, the first trade fair will be back in 2022 and hundreds of indie games will be there. These hits were shown.

Cologne – Gamescom 2022 is finally back live on site and fans and exhibitors can meet face to face again in Cologne. Of course, visitors try out a lot of games. But many large exhibitors have canceled the trade fair in Cologne this year. But fans don’t have to despair, because this year the little ones are dominating the big ones. Of course we’re talking about the hundreds of indie games that are on display at Gamescom. We’ll tell you which games are worth queuing for.

Indies at Gamescom: Brew your own beer in Brewmaster

Absolute Alman Game: What does the average German love most? His beloved beer, of course! There are now numerous leisure activities where you can dare to use the pot yourself and brew your own beer. But if you prefer to prepare your beer comfortably at home on the couch, you can simply try Brewmaster.

The Beer Brewing Simulator will be available on Steam, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch from late September 2022. My colleague Joost checked out Brewmaster at Gamescom 2022 and came up with the following conclusion:

On paper, Brewmaster should be every average German’s favorite game. It’s a simulator and it’s about beer. In fact, the game takes its subject matter very seriously and goes into it with a lot of detail, you could probably even brew a real beer from the game’s specifications. Whether it tastes good is another question.

You can test the indie title at Gamescom in the Indie Arena until August 28th. In a month it will also be accessible on all platforms.

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Indies at Gamescom: Vikings on Trampolines – Bouncing Vikings are endless fun

Leaping Vikings: A fun BRawl game should not be missing at a gaming party or a cozy evening with friends. Classically, Super Smash Bros. is often chosen here, but in the Indie Arena we found the next hit for your game night: Vikings on Trampolines.

The name keeps what it promises: Up to four players compete against each other as Vikings and hop through the most diverse arenas on trampolines. The brawler is super fun and has a pixel look. If you prefer to play alone, you can do that too. Vikings on Trampolines comes up with numerous mini-games and a small story. You can gamble on Steam and Microsoft Windows.

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Indies at Gamescom: Batora – Galactic Hack n’ Slash

Save the Earth: Batora Lost Haven is a galactic action RPG with hack n’ slash combat mechanics. In the game you play Avril, who has to save the earth with the ancient powers of the sun and moon. Players not only have to fight against hordes of enemies in a bird’s eye view, but also solve puzzles and travel throughout the galaxy.

Players will always have to make moral decisions and will thus influence the story. The fights were extremely fast and varied – boredom does not set in so easily here. Anyone who can no longer test the indie title at Gamescom 2022 only has to wait until “autumn 2022”. Then the title will appear on Steam, Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One.

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Indies at Gamescom: Hokko Life – Sweet mix of Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon and Sims

Cozy Game Deluxe: Hokko Life has been billed as the Animal Crossing meets Sims clone for a while. Of course, the life sim was also at the start at Gamescom 2022 in Cologne and could be tested in the Indie Arena. The game looks just as cute as advertised by the developer. However, it still has a few quirks that the developer studio should fix.

Hokko Life is already published and can therefore be tested by anyone and everyone. The indie game is currently only available on Steam, but it will soon be available on the Nintendo Switch. You can get a first glimpse of the game in the announcement trailer.