Lost Ark: With a simple trick you get 6 months of Crystalline Aura for only 20 €

lost ark stage completion pack

Smart players have found a trick to get 6 months of Crystalline Aura in exchange for 1,925 Royal Crystals in Lost Ark. But you don’t have time for that forever.

This is what users found out: In a thread in the Lost Ark subreddit the user has divinebaboon posted useful advice to his fellow players. He advised people to buy the Crystalline Aura with the premium currency, the Royal Crystals, because it is particularly profitable right now.

For 1,925 Royal Crystals, which is worth around €20, there is a trick that gives you enough Blue Crystals to buy 6 months of Crystalline Aura. A bargain, but it won’t last long.

Here’s the trick: To get the Blue Crystals, you must first create a new character. This must be created on a server where you have not had any characters before. Servers on other regions also work.

  • Go to Trixion with this character and choose a class. It has to be a class that has been there since the EU launch. The trick doesn’t work for classes like Arcanist or Destroyer.
  • Once you arrive on the starter island of Trua, open the shop and look for the Stage Completion Pack. It is available once per server. If you have already bought the one on this server, you will have to look for another one.
    • If you haven’t already bought the pack on your main server, you can do this as normal with your main character and you don’t need a new one.
If you have already purchased the Stage Completion Pack, you will need to select a different server.
  • When the package is available on your server, log out with the character. Then open the Power Pass menu and get Vern’s pass for 825 Royal Crystals.
  • Log back in with the character and skip all prologues and tutorials.
  • Once in Vern, open the in-game shop and look for the Stage Completion Pack and purchase it for 1,100 Royal Crystals.
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If you open all the crates inside the bundle, you will get enough Blue Crystals to buy 6 months of Crystalline Aura. Since the aura is account-wide, you can also use it on other characters.

Those who enjoy leveling can even skip the power pass step and level the new character to level 50 themselves to fetch the leveling pack. That would be 6 months of Aura in exchange for 1,100 Royal Crystals.

How much longer? You have until September 7th to implement this, because then the price for the Vern Power Pass will be increased again. But you should hurry, because the users on reddit fear that Amazon could fix this trick before then.

How do you find the trick? Will you use it yourself or do you have enough Crystalline Aura? Will you save the crystals for something else? Tell us in the comments.

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