Need for Speed ​​2022: Leak shows gameplay of the racing game [Gerücht]

Need for Speed ​​3: Hot Pursuit - Youtuber brings the Unreal Engine 5 into the game

from Claus Ludewig
Allegedly, a gameplay excerpt of the new Need for Speed ​​has been seen online. The new arcade racer is being developed by Burnout creators Criterion and Codemasters Cheshire.

As early as July 2021, Chief Studios Officer Laura Miele announced that fans would have to wait until 2023 for a new Need for Speed. However, the EA employee meant the fiscal year, so that a release of the arcade racing game in autumn 2022 appears possible. What the new NFS has to offer is completely open. The new arcade racing game is said to have a comic look. Now is Gameplay footage viewed been, which should come from the new NFS.

Where should the new Need for Speed ​​play?

You can see a Chevrolet Bel Air, which is in the process of having an accident and crashing into a ring. It is unclear whether the excerpt really comes from a new NFS. According to the rumor mill, the new part should be called NFS Unbound. The game aims to mix realistic graphics with cartoon effects. In general, the tuning of vehicles could be in the foreground, as in Need for Speed ​​​​Underground. The new racing game may be available in November for PC, Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

If Jeff Grubb has his way, the new Need for Speed ​​will be set in Miami, while Tom Henderson is talking about the fictional Chicago called Lake Shore City. It is unclear which graphics engine will drive the new NFS. EA itself uses the Frostbite engine in many games, Codemasters will soon switch to Unreal Engine 5 after the cutscenes in F1 2021’s story mode were created with Unreal Engine 4. The only official thing so far is that Criterion Games is working on the new NFS together with Codemasters Cheshire. Criterion made its name with the Burnout racing series, while Codemasters Cheshire most recently launched the arcade rally game Dirt 5.

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NFS Unbound leak collection:

  • There will be a new Need for Speed ​​later this year, which will be called NFS Unbound.
  • Alleged gameplay footage has now been leaked. Perhaps the arcade racing game combines realistic graphics with a comic style.
  • The only official thing so far is that the new Need for Speed ​​is being developed by the Burnout makers Criterion Games in cooperation with Codemasters Chestire and is scheduled to be released this year.

Source: via Eurogamer