PS5 Controller – All DualSense Info: Images, Battery, Price & More

Sony has finally unveiled the PS5 controller: that's the DualSense.

Sony has finally unveiled the PS5 controller: that’s the DualSense.

Here you will find all official information about the DualSensewhich is now available in Germany together with the PS5 and not only has a new design, but also brings all sorts of exciting features with it.

How good is the DualSense? In the final test, GamePro tells you why we already love the PS5 controller, but also hope that its features will not be forgotten again:

DualSense in the test - The really true next-gen


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DualSense in the test – The really true next-gen

Latest DualSense news (28 Aug 2022):

If you’re looking for an Elite/Pro controller for the PlayStation 5, you’ll soon get help from Sony itself. Because they announced the DualSense Edge during gamescom 2022. There is no release date yet, but we have what’s behind it for you summarized below.

Are you still looking for a PS5? Then there is very bad news for you. Sony has announced a price increase.

Unit price of the DualSense

A sample of the PS5 controller will ship with the PS5. The PS5 itself has cost 549 euros in the drive edition and 449 euros in the digital edition since August 25, 2022.

Individually, the DualSense 69.99 euros costs. For comparison: The PS4 controller is available at a regular price of 59.99 euros.

This is what the PS5 and controller looks like.

This is what the PS5 and controller looks like.

PS5 controller design: This is what the DualSense looks like

This is what the DualSense looks like in close-up.

This is what the DualSense looks like in close-up.

Most important core data about the appearance:

  • The arms used to grip the controller are wider and more rounded, now more reminiscent of the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch Pro controllers
  • The typical buttons are no longer colored, but are transparent like on the PS Vita
  • As a base, the DualSense has two different colors: white with black accents
  • The touchpad in the middle is larger and resembles a trapezoid shape
  • The light bar is on the sides of the touchpad

You can find more DualSense images in our gallery:

DualSense – View images of the PS5 controller

All the knobs and buttons of the PS5 controller

  • PS button, Create button, Options button,
  • Direction buttons (Up/Down/Left/Right), Action button (Triangle, Circle, Cross, Square),
  • R1/L1 button,
  • R2/L2 button (with trigger effect)
  • Left stick/L3 button, Right stick/R3 button, Touchpad button, MUTE button
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If you want to take a close look at the DualSense from all sides, then go to the link below. There you can also see what the controller looks like from behind.

Create button instead of share button

Screenshots can also be made again on the PS5 at the touch of a button. But the new Create button on the DualSense controller can do even more. You can find out what that is here:

PS5 controllers - What's behind the create button


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PS5 controllers – What’s behind the create button

PS5 controller dimensions, weight and battery


  • approx. 160mm x 66mm x 106mm (largest overhang not included) (width x height x depth)



  • 2-point touchpad, capacitive type, click mechanism

motion sensor

  • Six-axis motion sensor system (three-axis gyroscope + three-axis accelerometer)


  • Built-in microphone array, built-in mono speakers, stereo headset jack
  • Output : 48kHz/16bit, Input : 24kHz/16bit


  • Trigger effect (R2/L2 button), vibration (haptic feedback through dual actuators), indicators (light bar / game pointer / MUTE status)


  • USB Type-C port (Hi-Speed ​​USB), stereo headset jack, charging ports
  • Bluetooth Ver5.1
  • USB connection (HID, audio)


  • Type: Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Voltage: DC 3.65V
  • Capacity: 1,560mAh

This is the DualSense Edge

PlayStation 5 - DualSense Edge Wireless Controller Announced


PlayStation 5 – DualSense Edge Wireless Controller Announced

When will the new controller appear? Unfortunately, that is not yet known, and there is no approximate release window.

How expensive will the DualSense Edge be? Here, too, there is no information from Sony yet. Since the normal controller already costs around 70 euros, we assume that the controller will cost around 100 euros.

What’s included: In addition to the controller, you also get a braided USB-C cable and a carrying case.

These are the special functions of the DualSense Edge:

  • interchangeable stick caps (three types: Standard, High Dome and Low Dome)
  • interchangeable buttons on the back
  • interchangeable stick modules (modules can be purchased separately)
  • Freely configurable buttons and controls: including sensitivity of the sticks and triggers
  • multiple control profiles create and save
  • On-Controller UIto easily adjust settings like game volume and control profiles with the Fn key

Here are more pictures of the controller:

You can read here why this controller is the right one for hardware expert Chris:

The DualSense Edge will be my first pro controller for one reason


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The DualSense Edge will be my first pro controller for one reason

All information about the DualSense battery

The many new functions and features of the PS5 controller also place high demands on the battery life of the DualSense. The battery of the DualShock 4 is supposed to be exceeded, but that depends entirely on how often and how intensively the haptic feedback and the adaptive triggers are used.

All details about the battery and the charging time can be found here:

DualSense update

Sony can also update the PS5 controller with new firmware updates. So Sony will ask you at regular intervals to update your DualSense as well.

Latest update from April 2021

At first it was not clear what the update from April 2021 really brought. But now it is known what is behind it.

DualSense with better vibration for PS4 games: In fact, the rumble feature has been improved when playing PS4 titles. It still doesn’t compare to native PS5 games that drive haptic feedback directly, but the DualSense is said to feel better now. Previously the vibration was very weak and with the update it is now more noticeable.

This is how you do the updates

As soon as an update is available for the DualSense, you will be notified directly on the PS5 with a warning. Do not click away the message, but connect your DualSense with the supplied or another USB-C to USB-A or USB-C to USB-C cable and follow the on-screen instructions. After a short time, the DualSense is updated and you can continue playing wirelessly as usual.

However, if you push away the message, then there are two methods of how to update afterwards. If you wait a day, the message will be displayed again and you can start the update. Impatient people, on the other hand, should follow these instructions.

  1. Go to Settings > Network and disconnect from the Internet there
  2. Go to Settings > Date and Time and change the PS5 date to tomorrow.
  3. Turn off your PS5 and connect the DualSense with a USB cable.
  4. Restart the console and update your controller.
  5. You can then reconnect the console to the internet.

After that you can continue to use your controller as normal and you no longer have to press away a message when starting your PS5.

The controller of the PS5 offers these features

The aim of the new controller: It should let us dive even deeper into games. The following features have already been confirmed.

  • Adaptive triggers: The classic R2 and L2 triggers are converted into so-called “adaptive triggers” in the DualSense. Translated, this means that developers can now set the keys so that they offer different resistances depending on the intended use. Using a bow and arrow or a submachine gun should now feel more “real”. Similar to the Xbox One controller.
  • Improved vibration: According to Wired, the haptic feedback is much better than that of the Dualshock 4
  • Built-in microphone: The controller has a built-in microphone, which can also be muted via a button. It allows chatting without a headset.
  • New create button: The share button will be replaced to offer even more options for sharing content. Sony has not yet revealed what exactly is behind it.
  • Blow as a feature: The DualSense now also offers something that Nintendo DS players should not be unfamiliar with: a breath of fresh air feature. If you blow into the controller, you can turn a pinwheel in the game, for example.
  • Suitable for all hand sizes: Sony also confirmed that the DualSense’s ergonomics have been adjusted for players with different-sized hands. However, we will only find out how the haptics feel with a first hands-on experience.
  • Player display: Small lights on the front show you which player you are, i.e. player 1, 2 etc.
  • Improved input latency: The commands that we give via the DualSense should be implemented even faster in the game.
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Using a bow and arrow like in Red Dead 2 would feel much more natural thanks to Adaptive Triggers.

Using a bow and arrow like in Red Dead 2 would feel much more natural thanks to Adaptive Triggers.

How PS5 games benefit from DualSense

The official PS5 charging station for the DualSense

Inconspicuous but still extremely useful: The DualSense controller’s official charging dock makes it that little bit easier to keep track of the battery levels on our controllers. Up to two DualSense controllers can be placed in the charging station and charged without having to be connected to the PlayStation 5.

More details on PS5 peripherals:

PS5 - camera, remote control + Co: This is the PlayStation 5 peripherals


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PS5 – camera, remote control & Co: This is the PlayStation 5 peripherals

The official DualSense colors in addition to white at a glance

Sony has let the cat out of the bag and announced new colors for the DualSense almost half a year after the PS5 was launched. The controller will soon be available in two more colors.

This is what Midnight Black looks like:

This is what Cosmic Red looks like:

Price & release date of the new controlr: Sony has announced that both models will be released on June 18, 2021. But there will be differences in price. Midnight Black is regularly offered for 69.99 euros. You have to dig deeper into your pocket for the red version, because the color costs 79.99 euros.

What are the differences with the Xbox Series X controller?

This is what the Xbox Series X controller looks like.

This is what the Xbox Series X controller looks like.

Because not only Sony is bringing a new controller onto the market, but of course also Microsoft for the Xbox Series X. Like Sony, the Xbox makers are relying on both tried and tested as well as new technologies and design adjustments for their next-gen gamepad.

How the PS5 and Series X controller differ in design, feel, features and moreyou can find that in the separate GamePro comparison:

PS5 DualSense + Series X Controller - The features in comparison


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PS5 DualSense & Series X Controller – The features in comparison

Release, price and all other information about the PlayStation 5

The PS5 is since November 19, 2020 available in two variants in Germany: The drive edition costs 499 eurosthe Digital Edition, on the other hand, beats along 399 euros to book.

You can find all hardware information about the PS5 in the large GamePro information overview.