System Shock: The future of the series is in Tencent’s hands

System Shock: The future of the series is in Tencent's hands

According to Nightdive Studios (System Shock Remake), what happens to System Shock 3 and how the series will continue in the future is solely up to Tencent.

System Shock 3 has been in development at Otherside Entertainment for several years, and we haven’t heard anything new about it since 2020.

A matter of will

At gamescom, Nightdives CEO Stephen Kick explained VGCthat the rights to System Shock 3, originally awarded to Otherside, were later sold to Tencent. So how it goes on with part three is in the hands of the Chinese gaming giant.

“When we originally acquired the rights to the franchise, we licensed the rights to the third game to Warren [Spector] and Paul [Neurath] by Otherside. They then later sold their rights to Tencent,” he says.

Other System Shock reports:

“So Tencent currently has the rights to the third game and we have the rights to the remake of the first game and possibly a remake of the second game. That’s pretty much where it is right now.”

Kick doesn’t know whether Spector or Neurath are or could be involved in any way with System Shock 3.

Likewise, according to him, Tencent would have the option to continue after the third part: “I think technically they could also do 4 and 5, but they would have to do 3 first. We’ll see.”

Meanwhile, Nightdive continues to work on the remake of System Shock, which still has no concrete release date.

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