That’s why Project Cars and Project Cars 2 are disappearing from the stores

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Project Cars 1 and 2 were each quite controversial racing games. While both titles were able to score very well in our tests, racing games have had a relatively difficult time in the sim racing community in recent years. well has Slightly Mad Studios, the studio behind the Project Cars trilogy, announced on Twitter that Project Cars 1 and Project Cars 2 will be removed from online stores. While their Project Cars 1 from the October 3 can no longer be purchased on Steam and Co., the same applies to the continuation from the 21st September.

In the official statement, Slightly Mad explains that the sale is due to expiring licenses is stopped. This applies to racetracks as well as cars. It was also announced that multiplayer will continue to be supported for both titles. The stopped sale due to licenses is by no means a new phenomenon. It is unclear how long the licenses for Project Cars 3 are valid.

The reputation of the series

While titles such as iRacing, Assetto Corsa Competizione or Raceroom are very popular in the simracing community, both Project Cars titles are not necessarily considered exemplary simulations. From the point of view of many, this trend was strengthened all the more with the third part. the Madness Enginethe studio’s flagship tool, is now being used by Reiza Studios for Automobilista 2 used. But the sequel to the insider tip, which is technically based on rFactor 1, has also only been partially convincing so far.

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