The Last of Us Part 1: Launch trailer gives you goosebumps

The Last of Us Part 1: Launch trailer gives you goosebumps

Sony is in a charitable mood and is giving you the chance to get a code for a The Last of Us Part 1 to win if you send in a stylish or crazy picture of you and your beard. However, the competition is lagging behind a bit, because the remake of Naughty Dog’s masterpiece is already out on September 2nd.

So while you no longer have to while away the little wait with HBO’s new teaser trailer for the Last of Us series, you can watch the recently uploaded one instead Launch trailer to enjoy the game. It shows there remake despite gloomy pictures and violent action scenes once again from its most beautiful side.

Launch trailer for The Last of Us Part 1 pulls you into a spiral of violence

The trailer focuses on the two main actors of The Last of Us Part 1 (buy now €152.89): Ellie and Joel. During the course of the game, the unlikely duo must do everything they can to survive and occasionally resort to extreme means in this endeavor. They are presented to you in the one and a half minute video without any filters and show why The Last of Us is already in his release 2013 rightfully got an 18+ rating.

The spiral of violence between Clicker Zombies and human opponents, but it also flares up the loving relationship between Ellie and Joel, which is still in its infancy in the trailer: after all, Joel is pretty dismissive at first. who The Last of Us already familiar, should feel goosebumps when watching the scenes again with even better graphics – newcomers are offered an action-packed appetizer.

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Is The Last of Us Firefly Edition coming to Europe after all?

Shortly before the release of The Last of Us Part 1 on September 2nd, in addition to the launch trailer, there is another reason for fans to look towards the horizon with hope: the announced one Firefly Edition of the game, which in addition to a beautiful steel book also contains four comics with alternative covers, could still be added Europe come.

Originally the only for the US announced where, due to the high demand, a second batch of copies has now even been announced. On twitter brightened Naughty Dog Fans after the raving feedback finally about a possible European release: “EU fans, we are working alongside our partners at SIE and hope to give you an update on what we can offer you soon.”