Tower of Fantasy: When will it be released on Steam and consoles? We ask in the interview

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We at MeinMMO had the opportunity to talk to the publishers of Tower of Fantasy at gamescom 2022.

In an interview, Level Infinite, publisher of Tower of Fantasy, revealed previously unknown details about the story of Mirroria City. In addition to further information on the upcoming Vera expansion, it was of course interesting to know when Tower of Fantasy will finally receive the promised Steam version.

When is Tower of Fantasy coming to Steam? Currently you can only play the MMORPG in the developer’s own client. “We are still planning the release on Steam for 2022,” explains Tower of Fantasy in an interview.

You may even be able to log in with your previous Tower of Fantasy account and not lose any progress when you switch to Steam. However, the developers cannot promise that at the moment.

You can watch the trailer for the upcoming update “Vera” here:

Tower of Fantasy Vera Update Trailer

Will the game come out for consoles? We asked here too. For console gamers, however, Tower of Fantasy remains a long way off. Level Infinite see the MMORPG as optimal for PC and mobile and are therefore currently not planning a release for consoles. However, if fans want that in the future, they want to think about it.

Are you excited for the Tower of Fantasy Steam release? Or do you want to continue playing on the MMORPG’s own client? Will you switch to Steam if you can take your save with you? Are you hoping for a console version? Write it to us in the comments here on MeinMMO!

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