User buys top GPU for 300 euros – community explains to him why he will never see the graphics card

ebay offer rx 6900 xt

A gamer could hardly believe his luck and bought an RX 6900 XT for only 300 euros. But his joy fades quickly when the community explains to him that he probably won’t get a graphics card.

Graphics cards were scarcely available or only available at very high prices for many months. At times, gamers hardly had a chance to get hold of a graphics card. However, GPU prices have come down a lot and there are some good deals out there.

Now a user could buy a graphics card on eBay for a particularly good price. Unfortunately, the community has to explain to him that he probably won’t get a GPU.

User falls for great deal on graphics card on eBay

What exactly did the user do? A user had on reddit posted that he bought a new Radeon RX 6900 XT for $305. The RX 6900 XT is currently the fastest graphics card from AMD and costs between 800 and 900 euros on the market.

At first glance, this is a great offer that many other gamers would certainly have jumped at right away. But after the successful purchase, he himself seems to have doubts as to whether the offer was really that great, which is why he turns to reddit.

This is what the eBay listing looked like. A $305 RX 6900 XT looks great at first glance.

How is the community reacting? The users on reddit quickly make it clear to him that he has not landed a great offer. Instead, he shouldn’t get a graphics card any time soon.

  • The eBay account is brand new and only a few days old. eBay also marks brand new accounts. This one was only created on August 8, 2022.
  • The account is also from Malaysia.
  • The description of the product consists only of copied images and the description of the manufacturer.
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Another tells him to visit the Malaysian Facebook group, PC “Gaming Station Malaysia” and see the used prices there. Then he would know that this offer could only be a scam (fraud).

Another user had bought a top graphics card for little money. But he has more problems with the device than he would have liked:

Sparfuchs buys the RTX 3080 graphics card at half the price – but he soon loses his joy

Rather check offers that just look too good

What can you learn from this? If you are also on eBay and Co to get new hardware cheaply, then it is better to double-check the offers and think carefully about whether someone is really offering hardware for little money, or whether a user is playing a nasty joke.

Very few users or sellers sell their hardware at a fraction of the market price. You can check the current price of a GPU from AMD or Nvidia with sites like Geizhals. This gives you a good idea of ​​how much money a graphics card currently costs.

Also pay attention to things like ratings of the dealer or the location. If you buy from a private person in Germany, in the best case scenario you can even pick up the goods directly.

About graphics cards: Are you thinking about buying a graphics card or a new gaming PC? Then you should definitely consider the following before investing a lot of money in a GPU:

This is what you should definitely know about the next generation of graphics cards before you buy a new one now

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