WoW: Blizzard says: “Season 4 was a success”. I can only agree!

WoW: Player designs mount concept that grants fans a long-awaited wish (1)

When the Blizzard developers announced a 4th season of WoW: Shadowlands a few months ago, which shouldn’t bring any really new content, most players immediately realized that this decision was born out of necessity. It would still be a long time before Dragonflight was released and the third season with the Mausoleum of the First and Zereth Mortis would not keep any players engaged for that long.

But what the developers made of this emergency situation is remarkable. With small tricks, they made the old Shadowlands raids up to date again and they also threw all resolutions overboard. Instead of making us work for our loot, we’re just being thrown at loot in Season 4. Timegating via cap for bravery points is history and we can even buy the most important items directly from a dealer. If you only play a little actively in Season 4, you can probably hardly complain about the loot you received.